Topshop glitter leopard courts

leopard print pumps in glitter

Topshop glitter leopard pumps

Topshop glitter pumps


Topshop glitter leopard pumps, £50

I love glitter shoes and I love animal print shoes. Does it therefore stand to reason that I’d ALSO love animal print glitter shoes? Er, do I even need to answer that?

These leopard print pumps from Topshop are the glammed-up version of all those other animal prints out there. They’re basically the same shoe – which means they’ll work with the same colours and styles – but they’ve got their party shoes on, rather than they’re day-to-day duds.

I love them: and it’s not that I think the animal print pump NEEDED a makeover (far from it, actually), it’s just that this particular upper makes a fabulous shoe even more fabulous. It also, however, makes them look a little bit less like leopard print, so if you’ve been wanting to dip your toes in the animal-print waters, but weren’t sure whether it would work for you, these could be a good way to give the look a try. The gold/silver/grey is just a little more subtle, despite the glitter upper, than the usual black and tan versions, so they could be easier to style, too.

Speaking of the glitter: I’ve described it that way because that’s how Topshop describe it, but going by the photos, this doesn’t look like the type of glitter we’re used to seeing on shoes. I’d have to see them up close to know for sure, but it looks more like a fabric upper with glittery, metallic thread – which could be even nicer.

party outfit with leopard prnt shoes


This is the second Warehouse mini dress I’ve featured lately: the mini is back with a vengeance this season, and dresses like this are all over the high street, in start contrast to the midi lengths of last winter. I love the simple shape and suntle shimmer of this one, which will work with a variety of different shoes and accessories.



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