Three simple outfits that exude minimal style

The “minimal” look is everywhere right now, and I for one couldn’t be happier about it.

If truth be told, I think my style has always been fairly minimal, although I have to admit that’s partly down to laziness: I’ve never been the type to wear lots of jewellery or other accessories, layering just makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, really, and as for mixing prints or clashing colours, I think I’ll leave that to the “experts”!

My style isn’t totally “minimal”, of course: during the warmer weather, I tend to get really into retro-inspired looks, which aren’t totally removed from what’s generally described as “minimal” (i.e. the outfits are still fairly simple), but what I’ve come to realise lately is that I’m at my happiest and most comfortable when I’m wearing a pair of jeans and a shirt, or something similarly simple. It’s easy, it’s effortless, and it’s also the kind of look that doesn’t really date much, so you don’t ever look back on it and cringe. Or, at least, I HOPE not, anyway.

I’m talking about looks like this one, for instance:

minimal outfit: trousers and sweater

[All items: ASOS]

This is the kind of outfit a lot of people would instantly dismiss as “boring”, and maybe you’re one of them. For me, however, this is exactly the kind of thing I most love to wear right now (Well, maybe not RIGHT now – those white trousers probably wouldn’t be too practical in March!): it’s crisp, sophisticated, and when your outfit is as under-stated as this, it provides the perfect excuse to wear some truly killer heels. The key to making this look work (other than not dropping anything on the trousers, obviously) is impeccable fit: simple clothes that don’t fit and/or which aren’t in good condition WILL just look ordinary – but a minimal look, consisting of clothes that look like they were tailor-made for you, is a different matter altogether.

leather pencil skirt and grey sweater

This outfit, on the other hand, is just a little more edgy. If I were to say “pencil skirt and sweater” to you, you’d probably think of something a little bit dull/ordinary, but make the pencil skirt leather, and wear boots rather than pumps, and you have yourself some seriously laid-back, but still sophisticated style.

Finally, for those who prefer dresses…

black bodycon dress

The wear-anywhere little black dress – it doesn’t get much simpler than this… but it doesn’t get much easier to wear, either!


  • Love the outfits! Especially number one! I always say that I want to dress like this but then when I do it just doesn’t feel right! I’ve had to accept that even though I’d love it to be, minimal just isn’t me!

  • Great choices – I love the dress! Simple styles are about letting the clothes speak for themselves, and these are perfect examples of classical styling x

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