Theysken’s Theory patent-leather and suede ombré wedges

These shoes have already sold out in my size, so even if I did happen to have a spare £535 floating around somewhere, the universe would be doing its very best to thwart me. I’ll just have to show them to my readers instead, and hope one of them will be able to do the shoe-saving for me this time. These shoes really do deserve to be saved, I think: I’ve never been a huge fan of ombre, but it’s done so beautifully here that it’s managed to win me over. Sure, the toe could stand to be a little less pointy, but it does add to the striking silhouette in a way that a rounder toe wouldn’t, so I’m going to excuse it, just this once.

I was also interested to notice that the Net-a-Porter model is wearing these shoes without the ankle strap, which is presumably removable. I’ve done this myself with shoes which have this type of strap: I find that when the strap is in this particular position, it isn’t really doing much to keep the shoe on, and is there for purely decorative purposes, so if it’s putting you off these at all, don’t worry, it can always be removed!

Theysken’s Theory patent-leather and suede ombre wedges, £535: click here to buy them.

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