Shoe of the Day | Aldo ‘Civitanova’ tan leather knee boots

tan leather knee boots

The Shoes: Aldo ‘Civitanova’ tan leather knee boots, £120

Aldo is a great shoe brand at any time of year, but I’ve always thought they really come into their own in the autumn, with a selection of boots that are practically perfect in every way.

Almost every year at around this time, I’ll identify a Must Have boot from the Aldo website, then spend the next few months staring longingly at it, before it finally sells out in my size. (Yes, I know I should just buy the darn boots, and avoid the inevitable disappointment, but the trouble with boots is that even the reasonably priced ones, like these, are that bit more of an investment than shoes tend to be, so it can be harder for me to justify them.)

This year, the boots in question are these knee high ‘Civitanova’ boots. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of tan “dress” boots (By which I simply mean a slimline pair, that are less casual than my existing tan knee boots. You can see now why I find it hard to justify these purchases sometimes, can’t you? I mean, one pair of tan knee boots should surely be enough for anyone? Ha!), and these check every box on my list. I love the slim leg, the almond toe, and the heel that’s high enough to suit my taste, but low enough to suit my ankles, too. Boots like this are surprisingly hard to find, so if you share my love of these ones, you may be pleased to know they also come in black.

Here’s one way to wear them: with a knitted Zara dress which is also on my winter wish list (and also very affordable, at just £40):

winter outfit: tan knee boots and knitted dress

The Style:  dress // bag // gloves // jacket 



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