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For reasons I can’t quite explain, and which I don’t expect anyone to agree with in any case, these shoes look really comfortable to me. I mean, not comfortable in the way slippers are comfortable, say. I wouldn’t want to run a marathon in them or anything (or in slippers, come to think of it…) but they do strike me as comfy-in-so-far-as-heels-can-ever-be-comfy, so I’m thinking I may well have to put that little theory to the test. I wonder if I can make up any MORE excuses like that to justify buying shoes?

Comfort aside, there are lots of things for me to love about these shoes. There’s the colour for one (I like both, and although the red probably has the edge, it’s a very close thing), but there’s also the knotted front, and the slingback. I know most of you will hate the ankle strap, as they tend to be universally reviled these days, but I actually don’t mind this one, and think it works pretty well with the shape of the shoe.

If you share my love of these shoes, you can click here to buy them: they’re £85 at Kurt Geiger.

This is Prince Bow. He’s a little bit feminine looking for a Prince, but don’t tell him that, because I bet he could do some serious damage with that stiletto.

The stiletto in question is over 5″ high, and is accompanies by a 1.3″ platform. The leopard print upper and little bow on the front are the things everyone’s going to be looking at here, though: these shoes may not have been made for walking, exactly, but they were made for being looked at, which you may consider to be almost as good.

Leopard print is the marmite of shoes, in that most people seem to either love it or hate it. If you’re in the former group, you can click here to order them from Schuh.