Taccetti teal suede peep toe pumps

teal suede peep toes

Taccetti teal suede peep toe pumps, £234.14

At first glance, I assumed these shoes were by Fendi. They’ve done similarly high-platform, flat-bow styles in the past, and I thought this was another example. Actually, though, this is another Italian luxury brand: they’re called Taccetti, and they’ve been around since 1954, so I’m a little  embarrassed that this is their first appearance here on Shoeperwoman. I’m correcting that omission now, though, with these beautiful teal suede pumps, which are also available in black, and in a rather lovely bronze glitter which I may as well show you, rather than leaving you to imagine it:

bronze glitter peep toes

I will let you imagine the black suede version, though. I know you’re all more than up to the challenge.

[But them]

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