T.U.K ‘Piece of My Heart’ heels from Modcloth

T.U.K 'Piece of My Heart' heels

T.U.K ‘Piece of My Heart’ heels, $59.99

As soon as I read the name of these shoes on the Modcloth website, I instantly started singing “Take Another Little Piece of My Heart”. I’m singing it now, in fact. I don’t think it would be possible for me to read those words and NOT start singing. Badly.

Once I’d stopped for breath, it occurred to me to wonder where the “heart” referenced in the name is. This may have occurred to you, too, so wonder no more, shoeperstars:

heart heels

There it is, right at the base of the heel!

This is a look that might be a little too twee for some tastes, but I think these are rather cute even without the heart: in fact, it was actually the black and white upper, plus the little bow, that made me stop and take a closer look at them: the fact that they have a polka-dot lining doesn’t hurt, either!

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  • I have browsed T.U.K.’s site before and found a few that I really liked and a few that I really didn’t. I liked that they had lots in my size. I really like the look of these, and I would really wear them also! I have to admit, I would prefer them without the heart though.

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