Online Stores That Let You Pay After Delivery Through Paypal

online stores that let you use Paypal's Pay Ater Delivery service

Anyone else a fan of Paypal’s Pay After Delivery service?

Available to Paypal users who have a confirmed bank account, Pay After Delivery is exactly what it sounds like: you place and receive your order as usual, but the payment isn’t debited from your bank account or paypal balance until 14 days later. I love this service, because it makes online shopping as risk-free as it gets: you still get your item a few days after ordering it (or sooner, depending on the store and the delivery method you’ve chosen), you only pay for it if you decide to keep it (assuming you return it within the 14 days, obviously).

With most online stores offering a minimum 14 day return period, that gives you plenty of time to try the item on at home and decide whether or not its right for you, and if you do decide to return it, you don’t have to wait for a refund to be processed, because the item is normally returned to the retailer before the money has left your bank account. (You’ll normally still have to pay the original shipping fee, but if you’re clever and shop around for discount codes, you may be able to find one that offers free shipping, too.)

I find Pay After Delivery particularly useful for those stores where I’m not totally sure what size I’ll need – it allows me to order the item in two different sizes, knowing I won’t be paying anything upfront, and will only be charged for whichever one I decide to keep. The downside? Not all online stores offer Pay After Delivery as an option. Here are some of the ones I’ve used personally which do: if you know of any others, however, I’d love to hear from you so I can add them to my list!


One of my favourite online stores, delivery is normally super-quick (and free, if your order is over £50), and returns are collected by courier, and normally processed with 24 hours: online shopping at its very best.


Another store I’ve been shopping from a lot lately, retro-inspired Collectif also accept Pay After Delivery, however they don’t offer free returns, so you’ll need to factor postage into the price.


One of the UK’s largest department stores, House of Fraser offers everything from beauty and fashion to homeware and electronics – and all available with Pay After Delivery.


OK, they’re two different brands, but they’re technically the same company, so I’ve counted Monsoon and Accessorize as one retailer!


Exactly what it sounds like – beauty and hair care products, from a wide range of brands.


I don’t know if eBay technically counts as an “online store”, but you can buy just about anything there, and they do allow you to pay after delivery, so I figured it was worth mentioning!






As I said, these are just a few of the websites I’ve used personally which I know offer the Pay After Delivery option: there are many more out there, so if you come across one I’ve not included here, let me know!

To read more about the Pay After Delivery service, and find out how to enable it for your Paypal account, go here.



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