Fragrant Footings Insoles: for that “squishy shoe” feeling…

scented insoles for shoes

ShoeperWoman reader Miss D recently posted this question in the comments:

Just how does a girl avoid that ‘squishy’ feeling?! Is it possible to buy something, insert something, squirt something that stops your feet sliding around inside heels on a warm day?

Oh, that squishy feeling! It’s such a joy, isn’t it?

I tend to favour sandals and peep toes during the summer, so I don’t suffer TOO much from this, but I’m no stranger to the “squish”, particularly in ballet flats, and I’m sure there isn’t a shoe-loving girl alive who hasn’t experienced this at some point or another. It doesn’t need to be a hot day, either: basically any type of closed shoe worn with bare feet will run the risk of making your feet sweat, blister, and, well, SQUISH. Apologies if anyone was eating when they started reading this post…

There are actually quite a few products out there which are designed to combat this problem, but there’s only one which I’ve used personally, so I’m going to tell you a bit about that, and then hand this one over to my readers, to get their recommendations, which will hopefully be more helpful than me simply listing everything that’s available without being able to say whether it works or not.

So, my go-to product to prevent squishy shoes is a scented insole by Fragrant Footings, and I should probably disclose here that I first discovered these when I was sent some samples to test, although I’ve since purchased some more myself. These are exactly what they sound like: a soft, scented insole which slips into your shoes and absorbs moisture, while releasing a subtle scent. The ones I have smell like mint, but I believe there are a few other scents to choose from, too.

I have the full-length version of these, which are designed to fill the entire shoe, but you can also buy 3/4 length versions which are (obviously) smaller. They’re a one-size fits all insole, so you do have to trim them to fit your shoes, but once that’s done you just slip them into the shoe, and stick them down. I like these because they do exactly what they say they will: I use them with all of my ballet flats, and I find them pretty effective in preventing the “squish”, plus they have the added bonus of smelling fresh. I’ve been really impressed by how long they last, too: I have a couple of pairs which have been in use for a few months now, but I can still detect the minty scent, and they seem to work just as well as they did when they were new, which is awesome.

These cost £11.95 for a set of four insoles, and I think they’re worth it: you can buy them at the company’s website or on Amazon.

As I say, however, there are lots of products out there which are designed to do the same thing, so I’m interested to know what my readers would recommend. Do you use anything to prevent that squishy feeling in some shoes? Tell me about it!


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