Sonia Rykeil perspex shoes with bow

We’ve spoken about perspex shoes many times here, and the general consensus always seems to be that they look:

a) cheap

b) like they belong on a table-top in a certain type of “gentleman’s” club

For the most part, I can only nod my head in agreement to both of those statements, but if I absolutely had to wear a pair of perspex shoes, like in some kind of bizarre “wear perspex shoes or die” kind of situation (Hey, it could happen), I think these are the ones I’d choose, mostly because my first thought was “hey, that’s a pretty bow!” and the words “eww, perspex!” only popped into my head a few seconds later.

What do you think, readers? Better than your average piece of perspex, or just as bad as all the rest?

(Then again, I didn’t think I’d ever wear shoes that smell like bubblegum, either, and now I regularly sidle over to my shoe shelves just to stroke them, so never say never.)

(Click here to buy them)


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