Slipper-style court shoes from River Island

leopard print shoes black velvet high heel shoes

Slipper court shoes, £55

“Slipper-style”: you should probably get used to reading that phrase, folks, because this may not be a new look – in fact, I think these shoes have a very “vintage” feel to them – but it’s one we’re going to be seeing a lot of this winter.

I generally avoid shoes with very high vamps, because I find they have a “stumpifying” effect on my legs, and no one wants to make their legs look stumpier than they actually are, do they?

These ones, however, have a very elegant, sophisticated shape, and although it’s easy to see why River Island are describing them as “slipper pumps” – that tongue IS very reminiscent of a classic pair of bedroom slippers, as is the velvet upper on the second shoe – they’re not so “slipper-like” that you’d worry about looking like you’d left the house without getting fully dressed.

I’d have to try them on, of course, to decide whether I like them enough to actually want to wear them, but so far, I have to say the signs are good.

What do you think of slipper-style shoes?

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  • I’m indifferent about the ones you posted. The high vamp with the side cutouts reminds me of shoes I wore in the ’80s, but I think on the right person with the right clothes, they could look great.

    I cringe when I see people outside their homes (or an emergency trip to the pharmacy) in anything like this example of slipper shoes taken FAR too literally. The first time I saw them, I thought people were wearing actual bedroom slippers, then I realized (sadly) that the soles are reinforced on these to make them suitable (while IMO, still not appropriate) for outdoor wear:

  • I used to hate this style…but then i bought a pair of Office kitten heels,around a year a ago, that were very similar to the top pair, prob don’t sound great but in my eyes they were a neutral and I wore them with everything.

    They’re really good for dressing up a casual outfit (e.g. Jeans/T-Shirt combo, etc) without trying too hard. I may just purchase these!

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