Shudoo to the Rescue! Vivienne Westwood/Melissa Lady Dragon Cherries shoes


Last week, the lovely people at Shudoo got in touch and, in the manner of a fabulous, Shoe-Fairy Godmother, offered to donate a pair of shoes from their website to my Shoe Challenge.

Naturally, I thought about this for all of 0.34 seconds before gratefully accepting, then it took me another 0.05 seconds to choose the Lady Dragon Cherries shoes I wrote about last week (and which I’ve been dreaming about ever since).

The shoes arrived yesterday, and are everything I’d hoped for and more. The cherries are just so cute and whimsical, and actually, the plastic uppers are possibly the most practical choice of footwear around for me right now, considering the Biblical-style rain we’re continuing to get here. I’m even starting to love that bubblegum scent…

Some more images under the jump: a huge thank you to Shudoo for coming to the rescue with these amazing shoes!

As with my other Lady Dragons, I had to go down a size in these to get the right fit: these are a UK size 3.

I love the curvy shape of the sides.


Coming soon, to a Shoe Challenge near you…


  • while i normally recoil at the thought of plastic shoes (due to terrible childhood jelly shoe-80s flashbacks) these cherry ones are cute and make me think of one of my best friends who would squee at these because she looooves all things cherry…also it has been raining too often here in edmonton and you make a great point about the practicality of plastic shoes in the damp and wet… *fingers crossed at a solid week forcasting sun and the possibility of breaking out my nice shoes instead of just birkenstockish sandals*

    • Until these arrived, I’d been practically living in my other Lady Dragons, because anything else would just get ruined in the non-stop rain. I think I need to invest in some wellies ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I absolutely adore anything with cherries on to the point of obsession… so I’m green with envy that you’ve got these. Aren’t they just THE most adorable shoe? Want, want, want!

  • They’re so lovely!! If only the weather was good enough for them-it does have a bit of an end-of-the-world feel to it. You could wear them with these waterproof socks that fishermen and runners wear, i guess…

  • OMG… They are deliciously adorable! Bet they are easy to clean as well. BTW, thanks for commenting on my blog yesterday. Love you blog name “shoeperwoman” – more power to the ladies who love shoes!

  • YES! Good work, Shudoo! I’m going to have to keep a close eye to see if these come into the sale at any time because I want them – they’re so cute! Glad that the good internet karma has caught up with you at last, it’s about time! x

  • Pretty! The colour’s lovely too.

    Now lets see, if I started blogging about hyraxes, would people start sending me the appropriate plane tickets and hotel reservations so I can visit them…

  • Ooh, I’m so jealous! I cherry ones are my second favorite Lady Dragon style after the heart ones. I have worn my purple/black heart ones several times and I always get the most compliments on them. Can’t wait to see what you will pair these with!!

  • They’re so cute! I’ve been considering getting the green ones, but I wonder if bright green plus cherries might be a bit too much. (I also wanted to say that this is my first comment here, but I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and I love it!)

  • I’m a super small size 3, bordering on a 2. I’ve been thinking about these shoes for some time now. Is it pretty likely these wouldn’t fit?!

    • I think you’d really need to try them on. I’m normally a size 4, but have to get a 3 in them, so if you’re normally a size 3, I would imagine they would be a bit big, but you never know!

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