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I love all of the items on this week’s Wish List, but there’s one thing in particular that stands head-and-shoulders above the rest:

mint green dress in bonded texture

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THIS DRESS, people. How amazing is this mint green dress from ASOS? This is from the higher-priced ASOS Collection line, and at £80, I just can’t stretch my budget far enough to accommodate it unfortunately, especially considering that I don’t actually have anywhere to wear it! If you’re in need of a dress for a special occasion, however, buy this one, and think of me when you wear it: it’s the very least you can do!

Speaking of dresses (And honestly, when am I NOT speaking of dresses?), I also like this one by Closet:floral midi skater dress

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This is a little more affordable, at £48, and I think it’d make a great transitional piece for autumn. It looks good here, worn with bare legs and strappy sandals, but it’ll also work with tights and boots, and either a cardigan or leather jacket layered over the top.

satin midi skirts from River Island

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The LAST thing I need right now is another satin midi skirt: I bought a couple last winter, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped me eyeing up these ones, which are £60 each at River Island. These make a fabulous alternative to a dress for an evening out: trust one who knows…

What you would with these skirts, though? I’d wear one of these:

fifties inspired fluffy sweaters

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Fitted, fluffy sweaters have such a great, 50s-inspired feel to them, so I was really pleased when they started popping up in stores last winter, and am even happier to see them make a comeback this year. These ones are £25 at Miss Selfridge, and will create an easy, retro look with full skirts or cropped trousers.

What’s on your wish list this week?

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  • I love the shape of the Closet dress! The sleeves are PERFECT for a winter transition! I also love that mint green color of the ASOS dress. How do I not have something like that? On my wishlist is the Heidi dress by Pin Up Girl clothing in basically EVERY color but especially the black pindot. And a Collectif fluffy petticoat to wear with it.

    I always enjoy these wishlist posts compiling some of the best clothes on the internet!

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