Shoesday # 4: Polka dots and bows

In honour of Shoesday, today I’m wearing my polka dot pumps from Next. (These are still in stock: you can buy them here.)

These shoes have actually been a bit of a pain. My shoe size can be anything from a UK 3 to  5, but I’ve long suspected that my true size is a 4.5: which is unlucky for me, because very few shoe brands here in the UK seem to stock shoes in half sizes.

Next do, though, so when I saw that these were available in a 4.5, that was the size I bought. And they were too big. Only a little, though, and, working on the assumption that some shoes which seem to fit when you first put them on can start to pinch after a few hours’ wear, I decided to keep them.

This was a mistake. A few weeks went by. I passed the point where Next would’ve allowed me to return the shoes, and all I’d ever done was put them on and walk up and down the hallway in them, trying to convince myself they weren’t half a size too big. But the heels kept on slipping, and although I might’ve been been able to get away with it (it’s not like I walk long distances in heels, anyway), they just didn’t feel secure on my feet.

So I added some insoles. Problem solved!

Except no, it wasn’t. I still just kept putting them on and walking up and down the hall in them. I didn’t actually wear them anywhere, because I could tell that if I did, I wouldn’t be comfortable. And all the time, a little voice was whispering, “Should’ve bought the 4. Should’ve bought the 4. You’re an idiot. Should’ve bought the 4…”

Finally, I cracked. I bought the size 4. I sold the 4.5. And since I’ve had the right size, I’ve been wearing them almost non-stop.

Which shoes are you wearing today?

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  • Oh the issues of shoe sizes! I’m pretty sure I’m a size 6.5 (New Zealand), which was roughly a 4 when I lived in the UK. Never had too much trouble with it. BUT now I’m back here, 6.5’s are nowhere to be found! 6’s are way too small, I can SOMETIMES get away with 7’s, but mostly I try and track down EU 37’s, which are usually an alright fit. Damn you crazy sized feet!

    And, as I’m sure you saw my tweet, I’ve documented my Shoesday here:

    • I forgot to add: I LOVE these shoes, and when you first posted them I was so unbelieveably tempted to ship them over in my direction, but after working out the exchange rate and shipping costs (plus potentially customs charges) I realised I might as well fly to Australia and go shopping there instead!

  • Gorgeous shoes! I think Next’s shoe sizes have got more generous recently though, I have to get an 8 in there now, the 9s are too big.

    • I was a bit surprised… I have a pair of nude pumps from there and they’re a little on the small side (although not enough to justify going up a size), so I figured the 4.5 would be perfect in these. Ah, well!

  • Have you ever tried heel grips? I have and they are pretty good, they may have saved you the effort of having to sell the 4.5 and buy a 4. Basically it’s like a padded patch of suede with an adhesive backing. You stick it to the inside of your shoe at the heel and it keeps you in… it’s actually very comfortable too!

    • Yeah, I’ve tried heel grips loads of times, but for some reason they never seem to work for me – always make the shoe really uncomfortable! If I need to make a shoe smaller, I always find it easier to pad out the toe than the heel – must just be my awkward feet! I don’t really like having to pad out anything to make it fit, tough, because it’s never quite right for me afterwards, so I was glad I got the right size in the end with these 🙂

      • I never get on with heel grips either…I did the same as you with some Next shoes, I couldn’t decide whether to stick with a 6 or a 6.5 and went with the 6.5 which is probably a teeny bit too big. I wear them round the house just like you did! LOL! I have worn them out once…and I stuffed the toes with tissue paper as, like you, (again?!..stalkerish much?) I prefer it that way!

  • Amber, your experience with those is exactly the same as mine with my Irregular Choice Flick Flacks. I even had the cobbler sew in heel grips but, having bought them in a 5 they were just too big. I gave them to my sister and bought them in a 4 (in a different colour though) Annoying!

    My shoesday shoes are here:

  • Oh, I totally know what you mean! I always say the same – size 4 to 5, depending on the brand, but normally… 4.5. Which makes it much more difficult, 4 too small, 5 too big. I always have insoles, but still, the heels keep on slipping – I was picturing you walking and listening to the sound Clac clac clac – that is the heel slipping. I hate this sound when I walk in too big shoes!
    Yesterday I went to Deichmann and… all the size 5s didn’t fit, and they had no 4.5s. I ask myself, why can’t the shoe industry think of this? The “right thing” would be sizes, let’s say, 4; 5 would be 4.5. 6 would be 5 then. 7, 6.5. And so on. That would be so handy!
    Anyway, after my “manifesto” now, I want to say that these polka dot shoes are to die for!!!! They are sooo beautiful, I will check if they still have 4.4 – thanks for the link!

  • My feet seem to be shrinking – I used to be a 36.5 and now a lot of 36s and 3s are too big – unless of course you order a custom made emerald green snakeskin pair for £225 that take 10 weeks to arrive and they send you a pair marked size 2 “but don’t worry they are really a 3”, no, then the “size 3” is far too small, tsk!

    Meanwhile, my shoesday post is here:

  • Here’s the link to my shoes for this 4th shoesday

    I know the pain of trying to find shoes in half sizes, as I have a 35,5, although depending on the brand and the type of shoe I have shoes varying from size 35 to 37 in my collection.

    The added disadvantage of such small feet that a lot of brands only start their shoes from size 37.

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