Shoeperwoman Shops the Schuh Sale

The Schuh sale also started this week. This has actually rather upset me because:

a) There are about a hundred pairs of shoes I’d like to buy from it (and I’m not exaggerating), but I’ve promised myself I won’t buy any more shoes now, at least until NEXT payday.

b) This happened:

Schuh ‘Garda’ wedges, £39.99

And I paid full price for them. Don’t you just HATE it when that happens?

Here are some more shoes I’d buy if it wasn’t for that pesky ban:

Green ‘Prince’ platforms, £39.99

Yes, I know they’re green. But they’re NOT SUEDE. I don’t have green shoes that aren’t suede. Enough said.

Schuh ‘Thelma’ courts, £39.99

Just adorable, especially with one of those 50s style skirts I’m currently obsessed with.

Schuh ‘Cleo’ heels, £34.99

These aren’t something I’d generally go for – they’re a little too clumpy at the front – but they’re available in two different fabrics, and something about the quirky prints and chunky shape reminds me of Miu Miu’s collection from last season.

Schuh ‘Pretty Tie’ court shoes, £39.99

Minnie Mouse shoes. But in a good way.

And now I’m going to go and take all my credit cards and throw them into a fire, so I can resist the temptation of these, and all of the other beautiful shoes in this sale. I’ll be weeping on my bed, if anyone needs me…


    • Sucks, doesn’t it? I suppose I should be grateful it didn’t happen the very next day or something – that happened to me last month, with New Look: so annoying!

      • Ahh I used to work for New Look, and as long as the customer still had their receipt we would normally honour the sale price, return the shoes, re-sell them to you for sale price and refund the difference! Might be worth a try if this ever happens to you again! X

        • It wasn’t actually shoes, it was just a little jacket from the kids department, so it wasn’t very expensive, but I was still a bit miffed… I was off on holiday the next day, so I didn’t have time to go back, but I will bear it in mind!

  • Ooh, a little bit tempted by the ‘Cleo’ style as I was already interested in that one. I know what you mean about the clumpy fronts, but tbh I find that most Schuh shoes look that way on the website due to the way they angle the camera – Kurt Geiger do the same. I really don’t get it as they look SO much better in real life!

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