ShoeperWoman Shops the Shopbop Black Friday Sale

I’m sure no one with an internet connection (or, you know, any access AT ALL to the outside world) needs me to point this out to them, but a large part of the world’s gone sale crazy this week, as Black Friday approaches.

Now, I have to confess, I’m not much of a fan of sales – or not of visiting them in person, anyway. As much as I love shopping (and saving!), there are few things I enjoy less than battling the crowds, standing in line for the fitting rooms, and then queuing up again to pay – all in order to end up with something I probably didn’t really need, but just ended up buying because it was on sale, and it seemed like too good a bargain to miss.

Enter the Shopbop sale. No queues, no crowds, just 25% off some of your favourite brands: oh, and some of the fastest shipping I’ve ever experienced – even although Shopbop ships from the US, my orders normally arrive faster than the ones I place with UK retailers, and they’re trackable every step of the way, too.

Here are the details you’ll need:

Shopbop sale

And here’s what I’d buy:

Marc jacobs watch

Mark Jacobs Dotty Extensions Watch

A new watch is the last thing I need, but this one is just so pretty, with that cute little swallow design on the face, that I’m pretty sure I could make some room for it if I really HAD to…

See by Chloe Paige bag

See by Chloe Large Paige Bag

I could say the same thing about handbags, obviously, but the fact is, I’ve been looking for one in exactly this colour. No, really, I have!

Schutz CAdy lee Sandals

Schutz Cady Lee Sandals

Finally, I keep on telling myself I’m going to buy a pair of classic, one-strap sandals in a neutral colour – and then I end up forgetting that idea in favour of some other, more “exciting” purchase. I actually think these sandals ARE pretty exciting, though (at least, they are to me), and a little bit of money off doesn’t hurt, does it?

I could go on, but I suspect I probably had you at the word “sale”, didn’t I? Happy shopping!

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