Shoeper Style | Ted Baker ‘Sancia’ mint green double-breasted coat

mint green coat by Ted Baker Ted Baker 'Sancia' mint green coat

Ted Baker ‘Sancia’ mint green coat, £249

You know those times when you’re aimlessly browsing online, and you suddenly come across something you weren’t looking for, and didn’t know you needed, but as soon as you see it, you know you MUST have it? That happened to me last night, when I was looking for something else entirely, and found myself face-to-fabric with Ted Baker’s ‘Sancia’ coat, in the perfect shade of mint green.

To be fair, I actually DID know I needed a mint green coat. I’ve known this for a couple of years now, and, in fact, finding the perfect mint green coat has become something of a Holy Grail for me. I wasn’t actively looking for one right now, though, purely because it’s May, and I’m hoping I won’t need to think about coats until, oooh, August at least.

As I mentioned in my May Wish List post, however, when you live in the UK, you pretty much ALWAYS need a coat, and this one seems to be a lightweight one, which would be perfect for spring. I love the shape, I adore the colour… what I’m not so keen on is the price tag, which is why last night I found myself searching eBay for the elusive mint green coat (And ALMOST bidding on one, which I managed to resit, and now kind of regret…). I didn’t find any ‘Sancias’, but I’ll keep searching and saving, and maybe one day it’ll be mine!

In the meantime, I also love this:

baby blue cocoon coat

Ted Baker ‘Epine’ baby blue cocoon coat, £229

I tried on a couple of cocoon coats last winter, but was forced to admit they’re one of those things that only look good on Other People. This is the perfect shade of baby blue, however, and the kind of coat that would look fabulous with blue jeans, but could also be dressed up for a wedding or other special event. Maybe I COULD wear a cocoon coat after all…

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