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preppy outfit for autumn

I’m a huge fan of anything vaguely preppy / nautical, as my regular readers can attest.

Stripes? Check. Anchors? Check? Any combination of navy, white and tan? Check, check and check.

Although I’ve always tended to associate the nautical look with summer weather, however, stripes are a classic that stay in style all year round, and which look particularly good layered up for autumn with blazers and chunky knits. All of the items in the image below come from the appropriately-named Crew Clothing, which is a veritable haven of stripe tops, fitted blazers and tan accessories: all of the ingredients for the ideal nautical-themed autumn wardrobe, in other words!

This is a brand I haven’t shopped from personally, but I’be no idea why that is, because these are the kind of timeless classics and beautiful basics I always seem to be on the lookout for. How often have you gone looking for a simple, stripe top, and walked away empty-handed? Well, they’re all here  – and one of them’s even called the ‘Amber top’ – it’s like they know me!

preppy/nautical capsule wardrobe for autumn

Top:  Caldecotte dress, £28 //  // jeans, £65 //  Brooke blazer, £165  //  Nikki tee, £45

 Bottom: Milly bag, £135 // Spot stripe scarf, £20 // Mint cable jumper, £32 // nautical double-button cardigan, £30 //  double-buckle boots, £145

Each of these items works well on its own, but put them all together and you have a nice little mix-and-match wardrobe for autumn, in a style that will never date. They’re the kind of pieces that create effortless-looking style, and which are genuinely effortless to wear, too. There’s just something about a pair of blue jeans and a breton top, for instance, which always looks polished and pulled together (And which is something of a ShoeperWoman uniform for more casual days: just add red lipstick, and a touch of matching nail polish!), and yet it’s one of the easiest outfits to throw together in hurry: gotta love that!

Crew Clothing currently have some of these items on sale, and are also offering an extra 20% all of the sale prices, so if you think you need another nautical item in your closet (and trust me – you do…), now’s a good time to get it, too!

[Disclosure: this post was created in collaboration with Crew Clothing. Thanks for supporting the shoeper sponsors who help keep running!]

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