Shoeper Shoesday | leopard print pumps

It's Shoeper Shoesday: come and take a look at what everyone's wearing on their feet this Shoesday!

leopard print pumps

Leopard print pumps: Moda in Pelle, c/o Spartoo (similar)

Shoeper Shoesday is back, after a short break caused by my recent house move, and that move is definitely continuing to influence my shoe choices: I have to confess that I choose these shoes this morning mostly because they were right at the top of the closest box!

Yup, that’s right folks: I’ve been living here for over a week now, and I still haven’t unpacked my shoe collection – can you believe it? In my defence, the reason for this tardiness is a good one: ShoeperMan is currently hard at work building a new set of shoe shelves for me (Oh, how I miss my old ones! We actually did bring the shelves with us, because the people who bought our old house didn’t need them, but they were custom-made for the wall they were on, and don’t fit in the new space, so we’ll be using the wood somewhere else and building new shelves for the shoes), and until they’re ready,  I don’t have anywhere to store them. As it happens, I haven’t had time to miss them too much, because I’ve been so busy unpacking and getting the house in order, and it’s also been so wet lately that my trusty Vivienne Westwood/Melissa flats have been in constant rotation! Today, though, I figured I’d make a bit of an effort in honour of Shoesday, so out came these Moda in Pelle pumps, which I wore with jeans – my clothes ARE all unpacked, but they’re currently stored in closets all over the house, so I have no idea where anything is!

Anyway, enough about me: here are this week’s Shoesday participants. Thanks to everyone who took part, and remember to join in next week by uploading your shoe shot to Instagram and using the hash tag #ShoeperShoesday so I can find it.

converse sneakers


bow shoes


black d'orsay heels


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  • I’m glad shoeperman is getting to work on your shoe shelves- that man has got his priorities straight! I only wish everyone would understand the importance of fabulous shoes!

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