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pink suede court shoes

pink suede court shoes

pink ankle boots

pink ankle boots

H&M thigh high boots

thigh high boots

If you read my other blog (or just stalk the H&M website as often as I do), you might already have seen the pink court shoes at the top of this page: I featured them last week, along with some other items I’ve been eyeing up at H&M – one of which I’m actually wearing in the post: if that doesn’t tell you how impressed I am with the current collection, I don’t know what will!

As much as I like the current clothing selection at H&M, however, it’s the shoes that have really impressed me. The pink courts, for instance (which are also available in black and grey), are a style I don’t think I’d  have guessed were from H&M, if I hadn’t known better – and I definitely wouldn’t have guessed they’d be just £29.99! Normally when I find a pair of shoes I like this much, they turn out to be astronomically expensive: these, however, are very affordable, and while I’ve no idea what kind of quality you can expect for that price (I’ve had some really great items from H&M, but I’ve had some bad ones too, so I know they can be a little hit and miss…), at least it won’t be too much of a risk to find out.

I also really love the ankle boots, which are available in the same shade of dusky pink (and also in grey and black, like the shoes): it’s such an usual colour to find on a pair of boots, and although I’m not sure just how easy these would be to style, I guess the fact that the colour would be almost “nude” on me would make it a little easier: oh, and they could also look great contrasted with black or grey!

What do you think of this selection?

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