Shoeper Shoe Challenge Week 5 Roundup

Hey, Shoeper Challengettes! Happy Friday!

Now, I know you all just want to look at the shoes, but before you do, can I just quickly repeat my plea of last week, and ask you to – where possible – try and send me your challenge photos and links on the day you do them? Quite a few of you did that this week (many, many thanks to those who did, it definitely made my life a little easier!) but I’m still finding the the majority of people are saving up their links and then sending them on Thursday night/Friday morning, which means that Friday is becoming a challenge of a completely different kind for me! (It’s also meaning that I may have to draft Shoeperman in soon to help me upload the photos. Don’t let it happen, Challengettes! Save Shoeperman! He will thank you for it, I promise!) Anyway, if you could try to remember to just send me a quick email on the day you publish your challenge posts, I will be eternally grateful, and will leave my shoes to you in my will.*

Anyway, on with the shoe-show!

*Not really. I’m going to be buried with them. Yes, all of them.

p.s. Almost forgot – a big thank you to those of you who’ve been linking back to Shoeperwoman from your challenge posts: I really, really appreciate it, and would buy you all shoes to say thank you if I could, but, well, there’s rather a lot of you. But thank you anyway!


  • Yay, congratulations for the nice show! Now waiting for your turn to see what you’ll wear on the weekend (and I’m crossing fingers for a weekend free of snow for you!)

  • Great work Amber. I love seeing everyone in the round up. I promise to try not to only be uploading on Friday morning next week. *guilty*

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