Shoeper Shoe Challenge Week 4 Roundup

I haven’t managed many shoe challenges myself this week (It snowed. Say no more.), but not to worry: my trusty Challengettes have more than made up for that, so I have a bumper edition of your photos to round off your week. I’ve also finally made a start on the Shoeper Shoe Challenge Twitter list, which you can find here: if you’re on Twitter, and are doing the Challenge, just send a message to my @Shoeperwoman account, and I’ll add you – you can also follow the full list, if you’d like to keep up with your fellow Challengettes!

Now for some boring, admin stuff:

Can I ask you all a very big favour? Could you possibly try to send me the link to each post on the day you’ve published it, rather than saving them up until Friday morning, so that I can spread the task of uploading them all throughout the week? I wouldn’t ask, but I seriously underestimated how many photos there would be for each roundup, and at the moment it’s taking up several hours of each Friday, which makes it difficult for me to organise my time on those days. No worries if you forget, obviously (or if your post happens to published on a Thursday night/Friday morning), but if you do remember to send me a quick email after each challenge, it would be a huge help! Thanks, Challengettes!

Here are your photos…


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