Shoeper Shoe Challenge: Pair #1 – Christian Louboutin Mad Mary studded pumps

What: Christian Louboutin ‘Mad Mary’ studded pumps
When: Saturday, January 30, 2010
Where: A friend’s birthday drinks in a local bar
With: Purple dress,, black tights

Did you think I’d forgotten all about my Shoeper Shoe Challenge?

I promise I didn’t: I did actually get through a few different pairs of shoes last week, but the week was so busy I didn’t have time to photograph them, which, of course, means they don’t count! D’oh!

Anyway! Here is the first installment of the challenge, and after all of the trouble I went to to get my Mad Mary pumps in the first place, I figured it was only right that they should be the first pair of shoes I “rescued” by wearing them! As luck would have it, an opportunity to do just that presented it in the form of a friend’s birthday drinks on Saturday night, so the Mad Marys were GO!

I wore them with a purple dress from, and suspected I’d be the most overdressed person in the room, as usual, but as it turned out, I needn’t have worried, because people were wearing everything from jeans to sequined mini dresses!

These shoes are lots of fun to wear, and, of all of my shoes, are the ones that seem to get most attention: they always get lots of comments, and I’ve bonded with many a fellow shoe-lover who’s come over and asked me about them, so I guess they’re a good conversation-starter too.

So, one pair down, seventy pairs to go!

How’s everyone else getting on with their challenge?


    • Thanks! I highly recommend the dress – I have it in black, too, and have already worn each of them a couple of times, which is pretty good, especially considering that they weren’t expensive! As for Rubin, he’s thinking, “I AM getting something for posing for this photo, aren’t I? I BETTER be getting something!”

  • As usual, amazing dress, amazing pictures with a !wow! factor (the back of the dress is something!) – really gorgeous! I’m also going on with the challenge… I wore a pair of Sergio Rossi’s shoes on my birthday on 31 Jan… I guess I bought it for at least 8 months… really a great idea, thanks for the challenge!
    .-= Denise´s last blog ..My birthday 2010 =-.

  • This is my favorite part about your blog – you show us what the shoes look like on a real person doing a normal activity (aside from the posing, haha).

  • Oh – you mean wearing the shoes round the house don’t count? 😉

    As Homer Simpson once said, “trying is the first step to failure,” so I admitted defeat around the time when I found those ten extra pairs in the wardrobe. Mind you, your challenge did inspire me to wear a pair of boots the other day that are a bit tight and high and not really for long distance walking. (And that was on a proper trip outside!)

  • My challenge is going pretty well. I’m going through my flats alright and am gonna need to invent occasions to wear my heels out since putting them on and sitting at the computer – occasionally admiring them in the mirror, obviously doesn’t count, lol.

  • Dammit I thought it would be cheating if I took photos yesterday and Saturday. I actually had chance to get a little dolled up!

    Builders are in this week re-roofing my house so I doubt there will be a chance to get photos let alone get dressy. Which is annoying because I’m off for the week.

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