Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 72: Ladylike


What: New Look gold court shoes
When: Tuesday, January 18th, 2011
Where: Just working
With: Pink skirt (thrifted, used to be a dress); heart cardigan (Primark)

You’ll have to excuse the black and white photos in this one – I took these photos fairly late in the afternoon, and the daylight in the house was so poor the colours came out looking nothing like they do in real life, so trust me, you’re not missing much in the way of colour!

These shoes are a good example of footwear that’s so old it’s actually started to come back into fashion. I bought them years ago, at a time when pointed toes were still in fashion, but I haven’t worn them in years – in fact, I’d basically resigned myself to saying goodbye to them at the end of the challenge, and then I noticed that the pointed toe was making a bit of a comeback, so I decided to have a go at styling them, and this is what I came up with.

I don’t think pointed toes will ever be my favourite style of shoes again, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to have the option to wear them every now and then.

One more pair down!


  • ;D Lovely! I love the skirt (but something saids me that it’s a dress..uhm..)for shape and colour, and the shoes! I saw some pumps at Blanco, and other High street brands, exactly in this style: pointed toe with a little bow on it! (and i bought them. ok: i bought two pairs of these pumps…ç_ç black and pink!! Oh my!!)

  • I don’t miss pointed toe shoes. At all. I got rid of all of my witchy shoes except for one pair and I haven’t worn them in forever, so at this point they are just taking up space. I adore the skirt/cardi combo today – very pretty!

  • Although I don’t like pointed toe shoes, these ones are lovely and match so perfectly with the whole outfit! I loved the heart cardigan and your hair style!

  • When I really got into shoes as a teenager I would only wear pointed toes and turned my nose up at almond/round toe. Done a complete reversal now and can’t imagine ever wearing pointed toe shoes again, the damage they did to my feet lives on though!

  • I don’t want the Challenge to end 🙁 I look forward to your outfit posts!!!
    I love the heart sweater, it’s so adorable!! I’m not a big fan of pointy shoes, but these quiet nice 🙂

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