Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 5: The 27th of February Boots

WHAT: New Look low wedge over-the-knee boots
WHEN: Sunday, February 27th, 2011
WHERE: A long walk with the dog
WITH: River Island hat, H&M coat, unknown sweater, Dorothy Perkins jeans, Gucci sunglasses

Sunday was one of those freezing cold but gloriously sunny days we get every so often at this time of year, so Terry and I grabbed the dog and the camera (and my parents) and headed out for a long walk. Two things about this challenge:

1. This is basically my dog-walking outfit, so it’s built for comfort and warmth rather than style.

2. I’ve worn this exact combination of coat and hat before, for one of last year’s shoe challenges. This is why I normally try to brave the cold and remove my coat for a couple of minutes to take photos!

I originally wasn’t going to include these boots in the challenge: I wore them to death last winter, during which they, being the only flat boots I own, were pretty much the only thing I could walk in for months because of the bad weather. They’re now looking a little bit the worse for wear, and have been more or less relegated to dog-walking duties, so I don’t think they’ll see another winter, but when I was putting together the “remixed” section at the end of this post, I realised that I “saved” them last year on exactly the same day of the year, so maybe I’ll just have to keep that tradition going. I hereby name these boots my “27th of February Boots”. (It was snowing then, according to my archive, and it was still snowing on Mach 31st, when I wore the coat/hat combo. This year is already better than last year. Also, I love the way my shoe challenge is building into a nice little visual diary of my life.) Oh, I do love a good shoe tradition!

The backdrop here may be familiar to those of you who followed my last shoe challenge. This abandoned asylum near us is one of our favourite dog-walking locations, and also one of my favourite photo spots. While we were there this time, though, we got chatting to one of the security guards at the site, who told us that most of the buildings are scheduled to be demolished soon, which is really sad: it’s such a fascinating place to visit, with a totally unique atmosphere. I have a bit of an obsession with abandoned places, so I’m going to be really sad to see this one go.

You’d wait a long time for a bus to stop here.

Thanks to Terry and my mum for taking these photos!



  • I love looking at abandoned buildings, too. I really hope they don’t demolish this one. It would be really interesting to look in as well. Hooray for no snow this year when it was still snowing last year!

    • They’re going to leave about five of the oldest buildings, apparently (there are about 30 on the site), so it won’t go completely, but still really sad – it’s one of my favourite places around here.

  • You manage to make dog walking look chic, and Rubin looks blissfully happy. It’s a shame they’re demolishing some of the buildings. I love old structures.

  • they should make a movie there:) it looks scary enough! plus it looks like the perfect place to take pictures:)

    We’ve had really cold weather lately but today it’s been sunny and nice so I’m totally ready for spring.. bet everyone is:)

    • They actually did! It was the set of The Jacket, with Keira Knightley and Aiden Brody a few years ago – I’ve always thought it would be a great set for more movies, though: it’s basically an entire village, complete with church, shop, sports fields etc – such a shame for it to go to waste!

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