Shoe Save # 40/75: Green fingered skirted

WHAT: Charlotte Russe bow slingbacks
WHEN: Thursday,August 18th, 2011
WHERE: Out and about
WITH: Green skirt (Topshop), black sweater (ancient, can’t remember), black belt (Probably New Look)

It didn’t rain yesterday.

I’d like to say I took advantage of the brief break in the downpour to save another pair of shoes, but actually, the only shoes “saved” were my black rubber boots, which I had to wear while mowing the lawn. Have I mentioned lately how much I HATE gardening?

Anyway, it did rain again today, but not before I’d managed to save these black slingbacks, which I got in Charlotte Russe years ago.

These shoes were as cheap as… well, as Charlotte Russe shoes, basically. I still wear them fairly often, though, and have actually worn them several times this summer already, so I’m glad to know that they’re safe. And now I’m up to Shoe Save 40! I like hitting those nice, round numbers: always feels like a bit of a landmark! On to the next 35! (Gulp!)


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