Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 26: Lazin’ on a Sunday afternoon

What: Gold cork wedges (TK Maxx)
When: Sunday, May 23rd
Where: Quick trip to the mall then catching up with work enjoying the sun at home.
With: Dress (eBay); sunglasses (Gucci)

Can you believe that just a couple of weeks ago this scraggy old garden of mine was covered in a blanket of snow?  I can’t, and I couldn’t be happier with all of the glorious sunshine we’ve had this weekend: it just makes everyone so much happier and friendlier, so long may it continue. We had a barbecue yesterday and did some last minute holiday shopping (Um, I might have broken my “no more polka dots” rule, by the way. Maybe twice.), and now we’re getting ready for the last week of work before our vacation (which includes a little facelift for, because we like to try and give ourselves as much work as possible right before we go on holiday…). Well, Shoeperman is, anyway. I’m mostly just lazing around enjoying the sun…


(Apparently I was channeling Victoria Beckham in her Spice Girls days in this one. Spice up your lives, folks!)


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