Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 11: A Good Friday


WHAT: New Look pink bow platforms
WHEN: Friday, April 22nd, 2011
WHERE: A day out, shopping and enjoying the sunshine (and visiting the Magic Garden Centre)
WITH: D&G floral print halter top (c/o Shopbop), Topshop pink midi skirt, Gucci sunglasses

A Spring-like outfit for a Good Friday spent doing not much of anything, really: Terry and I jumped in the car and had a drive around, stopping off wherever we felt like it and just generally enjoying the sunshine.

I, of course, enjoyed the sunshine while wearing 5″ heels:

These were from New Look last year, and as some of you may remember, I liked them so much I also bought them in black and navy. This pale pink colour is the perfect shade for Spring, though, and is pale enough to be almost “nude” on me, so it works with pretty much everything.

The skirt, meanwhile, is one of many, many midi-length skirts/dresses I’ve bought this year. I’m so happy this length is currently back in fashion – I know a lot of people find midis frumpy, but I think they’re the perfect length to wear with very high heels. I’m not averse to the odd mini skirt, either (Although I did get very sick of them being the only hem length available for so long. I’m only 5″4, but the dresses in most stores barely skim my knickers…), but if I’m wearing a shorter skirt I’ll normally wear a lower heel with it: midis allow me to break out the 5″ stilettos without fear of looking like I’m going clubbing, rather than, say, prancing around on a country road:

I love a skirt with pockets:

I think this one looks like I’m about to get into a gunfight:


I was in the process of falling backwards into a ditch here, hence the odd, reaching hand…

And after that, we went and bought wine and cupcakes. Because you’re actually not allowed to have a fashion blog unless you mention cupcakes on it at least once a week: true fact.

Thanks to Terry for taking the photos!

P.S. You can read a bit more about our Good Friday adventures here.



  • The outfit is absolutely stunning and you look so beautiful!
    I wish I could wear skirts that length but I am way too shirt to pull that look off 🙁

  • Stunning Amber! And I am glad to find a fellow garden centre hater 🙂

    My first proper midi skirt arrived just before the Easter break, a lovely coral coloured pleated confection. I absolutely can’t wait to wear it! I’ll probably spend tonight dreaming up outfits…

  • I love skirts like the one you wore! The whole atmosphere was amazing: your outfit – and fantastic shoes! – the sunny weather, your hair style! I’m happy you enjoyed the day! (As for me, on Friday, I was on trains for hoooours to arrive at my “final” destination… 13 hours!But… no complaints – the “final” destination was soooo worthy!)

  • Major outfit envy, I love all of it! Ahh now I want to go shopping, you are bad for my bank account shoeperwoman 😛 Looks like you had a lovely day, you deserve it!

  • Your outfit is so pretty and ‘Easter-y’! I’m really liking that skirt 🙂 (If only I wasn’t on a shopping ban!) I’m a fan of midi-skirts too, and I’ve been happy to see them come back into fashion recently, as I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable in short skirts. I hope you had a nice Easter 🙂

  • I think those shoes are one of my favorites of yours. They look just great on you. I also love the midi skirt! I’m “almost tall” at 5’7″, and with two young teen boys in the house, the mini hasn’t seen the inside of my closet for years! 🙂

  • I love your sense of style, you have amazing taste in clothes and shoes, of course. I’m envious of those shoes… really want them 😀

  • I love midi skirts – it’s a great length to wear with heels, and hits the leg at a flattering place. You look as gorgeous as ever in these photos, Shoeperwoman – I hope you and Shoeperman are having a wonderful bank holiday! x

  • I love the skirt and heels! I especially love your top, though. At 5’7″, I’m tall enough to wear the midi skirts, but I never feel very comfortable wearing skirts.

  • I have those shoes! I haven’t worn them yet – I need an occasion where I don’t actually have to walk around in order to avoid breaking an ankle! How you managed that photo where you have both feet off the ground at the same time while wearing them is beyond me! I think I might go put them on and practise prancing right now! 😀

  • Oh that wonderful Scottish spring light. Sigh.

    The outfit is just gorgeous and I support your mid-lengthy skirt super high heels theory.

    The higher the heel the more rounded one’s bum becomes which means that in short skirts that becomes the focus & not the shoes. Terrible waste when you have terrific shoes on.

    Glad to see you smiling & looking relaxed x

  • This is a great look! I dont know if i can get away with midis though, the last time I wore something similar to this my mom said I looked to big…I have relly wide hips and a big butt so im not sure if this look is really for me. But its a great look though!!!

  • Gorgeous! This post brightened my pre-test morning:) love the country road background, I find the hardest thing about the shoe challenge is to get a good scenerio. (Cause as much as I love my flat I bet everyone’s pretty sick of my mirror-photos:)) But the good weather lets one go out to the wild (except we’ve had rain for two days straight:/)

  • That’s actually a really nice combination. I have to try this out. I have a few pairs of shoes I have yet to wear even though I’m trying to wear all of my shoes. UGH! How do you do it? ha ha. I love the skirt though. It’s so pretty!!!! And the shoes go perfectly.

  • I recently bought a dress that reminds me of you skirt. My friends and I agreed that it’s very “shoeperwoman” inspired 😛 I still haven’t worn it yet, hopefully soon 🙂
    Love the photos!

  • WOW! I need those shoes, I’m as pale as you if not paler and look god awful without faux tan but you make it look so cool!! Jealous Dot Com



    • Thank you! I’m trying my best to embrace the pale at the moment… normally by this stage in the year I’d have hit the (fake tan) bottle, but I just got so sick of the upkeep of it, and of looking blotchy when it starts to wear off, so I’m trying to go without. I love the Dita Von Teese look, but on me it can quite often just look plain scary!

    • Um, maybe you should stop being judgemental on the internet? Just a suggestion.

      (Also, even if I were to go back in time to 2011, when this was posted, and go to church, the fact that I’m an atheist would probably make that a bit awkward, really. Your sanctimonious attitude really isn’t a great advertisement for Church Megs – you might want to re-think your approach, there: making bitchy comments to random people on the internet doesn’t seem very “Christian” to me…)

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