Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 10: Hills and Heels

WHAT: Red canvas wedges (Matalan)
WHEN: Sunday, April 17th, 2011
WHERE: A walk up Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh
WITH: Top (Forever 21), capris (ASOS), cardigan (Mango), sunglasses (eBay)

Yes, it’s THOSE shoes again. The ones I’ve dragged out every summer now for the past…three years, is it? Two? I forget. Don’t worry, though, this is probably their last hurrah: as regular readers may recall, my trusty red canvas wedges started to wear out last summer, prompting me to embark on a long, long search for replacements. I finally found them in River Island, but by then I was so attached to the originals I just couldn’t bring myself to let them go. And a strange thing happened: once the replacements were in my possession, I started to worry. What would happen when THEY wore out too? What if I couldn’t ever replace them, and was forced to spend the rest of my life without the most versatile shoes I’d ever known? That day is coming readers. But it’s not coming just yet, because on Sunday I officially rescued my old faithfuls, and thus allowed them another few week’s grace. Or, you know, longer.

On Sunday, the weather was beautiful again, so we decided to take a walk up Arthur’s Seat, which, for the benefit of those of you who don’t know the area, is an extinct volcano in Edinburgh. I’ve walked up it a couple of times now, and remembered it as being a fairly gentle stroll…

I was wrong.

Well, no, I wasn’t really. The walk was fine on the way up.

In fact, I sprang up the hillside as nimbly as a mountain goat in my wedges.

And we saw some amazing views on the way:

The view from the top was magnificent:

It wasn’t until we started back down that we ran into difficulties of the “I need to change my shoes” kind. And also of the “I am sliding down a steep hill on my butt kind”. You see, rather than going back down the way we’d come up, we decided to go down the other side of the hill. Somehow, though, we managed to pick the wrong path, and it turned out that the one we ended up on had obviously been created by ACTUAL mountain goats or something. There was slipping. There was sliding. There was a bit of shrieking and maybe even some swearing. There was a change of footwear for yours truly (luckily I never go anywhere without a pair of emergency flats.)

We did make it down in one piece, though. AND I saved my shoes.

P.S. O feel I would be in dereliction of my Shoeperhero duties if I didn’t point out to you all that you should always wear sensible shoes when climbing hills. Safety before style, kids! Remember, Shoeperwoman is a trained professional: don’t try this at home!



    • Thanks! This was such a boring outfit I actually wasn’t going to post these, but ah well, I was climbing a hill, and I figured the scenery would make up for it 🙂

  • I’m a big fan of wedges too… instant 50s glamour. I think that’s a good tip though about keeping flats in your bag too… do you buy those roll up type or just a normal cheap pair of pumps or something? Perhaps if I was to do that I might get a bit more wear out of my heels.

    • I just use my normal ones – they’re pretty light, so I just pop them in my handbag (or in Terry’s rucksack, as was the case here!). I’ve considered getting some of the roll-up ones too, though – seems like a good idea!

  • Ah, I thought these WERE the RI wedges over on Forever Amber. They’re very similar. But then I own 3 pairs of red wedges so who am I to question/judge!

    • I’ve been kind of keeping the RI ones for “good” – I’m worried that I’ll ruin them the way I did these and then have to begin my search all over again! Mind you, I DO still have my eyes on the Schuh wedges I posted about a couple of weeks ago, which are also red, albeit gingham. I feel it’s a style you can never have too much of, though!

  • Amazing pictures and yes, I was asking for your next saved shoes!!! Really beautiful pictures and a lovely outift – and although you have gone through so much distress, you look fresh, beautiful and relaxed! (How do you achieve that? 🙂 ) I love Edinburgh, really looking forward to going there this summer in Welsh company 😉

    • Oh bless you, Denise – I definitely haven’t been feeling relaxed, so it must be Terry’s photography skills 🙂 Well, those and the dark glasses… if you could only see the dark shadows under my eyes right now!

  • What fun it is to get to see a slice of your world! It’s beautiful! I wanted to tell you how much I liked the headband in your hair. It is such a playful casual look an you. Very cute!

  • It is so fun to catch a glimpse of your world. What a beautiful place! Also, I think that head-band looks great on you. It is such a playful casual look!

  • looks great as always, Shoeperwoman! Maybe you can replace them with these:, sold out but perhaps you can find them online elsewhere. I also have a pair that is US 7M that are too tight for me that I think is going to ebay once I have time to do my annual shoes+clothes purge.

    • I actually already have a replacement pair – I just couldn’t quite bring myself to throw these ones out yet 🙂

  • I know exactly what you mean!! It’s almost impossible to part from good old shoes, you shared so much beautiful walks with! I have a 5 year old pair of very comfortable wedges which I didn’t wear even once last year (they’re so worn out..) and when I was shooting my collection for the challenge, I said – that’s it, they days are over!
    They made it to the car, where they live ever since..

    The view you show is just so amazing, I wanna go to Scotland this very second!! And I actually love your outfit, little sailor))

    • It’s so true – I kept thinking about all of the holidays they’ve been on with me, and all of the other places I’ve worn them – I just couldn’t let them go!

  • Would you please stop posting all these beautiful pictures?! You’re making me really want to leave this boring old Lone Star state and move to the Paradise that is so obviously hidden on the other side of the world. Oh and your outfits are never boring, I love them all! Quick question: what’s always to your right that has your attention?

  • So this is Arthur’s Seat? Weird, I have just finished reading One Day (David Nicholls), and it was mentioned in the book.
    That top is super cute! And I totally understand the shoe problem… I always keep comfy and versatile shoes way after they are no longer wearable.

  • Edinburgh looks like a beautiful city. I wish I could visit the UK when I go to Europe later this year, but the closest I will get is Paris. It looks like you had gorgeous weather for your walk and the Shoeperfamily looks happy!

  • I absolutely love everything about this post. The pics are beautiful and so is the outfit. You look stunning! I was in Edinburgh two years ago and I loved it! Cannot wait to go again.

  • Lovely photos! I think you were very brave, wearing these shoes for walking up a mountain! Rubin is such a cutie – he looks so happy to be there 🙂

    • Oh, it’s not a mountain, its just a big hill – there were people going up in flip flops and stuff so I figured I’d be fine 🙂 Rubin absolutely loved it – I think he walked/ran at least five times further than the rest of us, though!

  • I love these pictures! You look great, and the landscape is also super beautiful! The photos make me want to go there on holiday 🙂 But walking on hills/mountains with heels is never a good idea (I’m speaking from experience….>_<) Good you had a spare pair of flats!

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