Shoe Shopping With Shoeperwoman: The Ones That Got Away

During Saturday’s shopping trip, I actually found lots of pairs of shoes I’d gave loved to buy, making it a hard task to narrow it down to just one pair. Here are a few of the ones I managed to get photos off, starting off with those Dorothy Perkins Balmain copies I showed you a few weeks ago.

Now, I’m not a big fan of designer copycat stuff, and these are virtually identical to the Balmain shoes in appearance, although I’m going to be generous and assume there’s a noticeable difference in quality that justifies the price difference. They were much nicer in person than they look on the Dorthy Perkins website, however: so much so that I was really tempted by them. And also by the grey version, which is also available. Oh, STOP IT, Dorothy Perkins, with your pretty shoes!

Also at Dorothy Perkins, I found these nude platform pumps, which don’t look like much in the photo, but which were really gorgeous on: the perfect skin tone for my legs, and with a large concealed platform, and a pointed toe, which gives them a more elegant shape than many of the round toed platforms that are popular at the moment.

Finally, you’ll have go excuse the even-blurrier-than-usual photo: this was taken in TK Maxx, which was very crowded, and people were starting to give me strange looks… I didn’t recognise the brand of these shoes, but they had a snake-print heel, a suede upper, and were just a lovely shape, which, again, was much nicer in person than it looks in the photo.

I did well to resist this little lot, I think. I can’t promise I won’t go back, though…


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