Shoe Shopping With Shoeperwoman: New Look shoes, August 2011

Last week I popped out to buy some eye makeup remover, and found myself sucked into the New Look shoe department instead. The store was super-busy, so I only managed to get a few photos, but here are some of the shoes that jumped out at me…

I couldn’t find the mustard patent platforms on the New Look website, but they do have the chestnut and black versions, which are £24.99. In store, they also had a few pairs in a bright orange, and a single pair in the yellow: they were in a size 7, unfortunately, or I’d have tried them on – they’re not something I’d buy, but these bright colours are going to be everywhere this winter, and they definitely got my attention!

Also clamouring for my attention were these red and black bow sandals, which are also available in leopard print, and are £24.99 (find them here). I really like the chunky heel on these!

I couldn’t resist trying these on: they were so cute, and seemed to be begging to go dancing! The sizing on these was a bit strange: I’m wearing my usual size in the photo, but they were just a little on the large size (although not so much that I wouldn’t have been able to wear them), while the size down was too small. Still very pretty, though, and also very affordable, at £24.99. (Buy them here.)

Some of you may remember these shoes, which I wrote about last month. They were even prettier in real life than they were on the New Look website, and I had a really, really hard time walking away from them.

I did walk away, though. I may live to regret it. I… may go back for them at some point. Hmm.

These were also available in black suede, and were £27.99. You can get them here, but please leave a pair for me. You know, just in case


  • I love them all! I triied on those last ones you showed (in black) but they didn’t have my size, otherwise they would definitely have come home with me! And the mustard yellow ones are to die for 🙂

  • Oh my gosh, much like Siel I love all of them but the cream and red pairs stole my heart. Finding darling closed toe shoes is actually quite difficult (at least it is over here) so I’m always envious of your discoveries!

  • I loved them aaaall! The red ones are lovely, I am looking for red shoes with chunky heels – if only they were closed-toed ones!!!! I wouldn’t think twice to say “mine”!

  • I always love shoe shopping with shoeperwoman!

    I love all of these as well, I even own the mustard ones. (so glad I ordered them straight away, they were sold out from the website in a week or so)

    I think the cream ones are really ‘you’, personally I love the reds, but with the weather we’ve been having lately, I don’t think buying MORE peep toe shoes would help…

  • My gorgeous friend LaurenAlice bought the glitter ones recently and rocked them this weekend, when I went out with my new bad boys that I’ll be posting about this evening!
    I loved the gliter ones on, and Lauren says they were quite comfy.

    • It really depends on the style, to be honest… I have some shoes from there in my usual size, and some a size bigger or smaller: I find them a bit random with sizing. I didn’t try on the red and black sandals but maybe someone else will be able to help?

  • Shinypigeon is right. I did indeed buy these at the weekend. They are my new princess shoes! Another lady was trying on the last pair in my size and I shamelessly loitered around her ready to pounce when she changed her mind. I’ve got a feeling that quite a lot of the glitter may fall off over time. But for £25 I’m not too fussed!

  • I am IN LOVE with those red and black t-straps. I want. I need. I haven’t bought a new pair of shoes in nearly a month. I think I’m going into withdrawal!

    I’m also seriously digging the glitter ones. I’ve seen some great shoes in that style on several websites but it’s good to see how they look on a real person. I’ve been tempted a lot by them but I know they’d probably just sit on a shelf 364 days of the year while shooting me looks that clearly express their disappointment in my neglect of them.

    • I’ve had the gold glitter ones for less than a week and I’ve worn them twice already. Price per wear; £12.50 and falling!! Fast becoming my new favourite shoes… And I have a pair of Loubs!!!!

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