Shoe Save # 81: January Blues

stripe top and blue skirt

SHOES: Blue Primark platforms
SAVED: Tuesday, January 10th, 2011
WITH: River Island skirt & top; Primark belt

Three things:

1. I mis-counted the shoe collection. Contrary to what I said in yesterday’s post, I DO have over 90 pairs of shoes. In fact, I have 90 pairs exactly. (And it would have been 91, but the Lady Dragons I posted on Facebook last week were too small, and had to be returned, much to my dismay…) Gulp. I have no idea how that happened. Well, OK, I DO…

blue high heels

2. I’m wearing blue again. I know.

blue stripe top

3. I’m also wearing an outfit that’s really more suitable for Spring than for now, but the Shoe Challenge will be over by Spring and, well, I really wanted to wear this skirt again. I love this skirt. A little bit too much, perhaps.

blue skirt and shoes

These shoes were yet another Christmas gift from my parents, who truly spoilt me this year. I had actually picked these ones out myself, but I was still excited to open them on Christmas morning: you can never have too many pairs of blue suede(ette) shoes. No, seriously, you really can’t….

P.S. I’ve been getting quite a few questions lately about whether or not there will be another Shoe Challenge once this one finishes… The answer at the moment is that yes, there will be something to replace the current challenge, but I’m still working out the details of how it will work and what it will be, so stay tuned! (And, of course, if you have any suggestions for what would make you more likely to want to take part in another challenge, I’d love to hear them!)


  • Those are lovely blue shoes, alas they would be soooooo too high for me, but I still love them. I really need to buck up my ideas around the shoe challenge, I have totally lost where I am with it, I’ve recently bought some new shoes that I need to make sure get in there. Disorganised… moi? Once this is done I might do a handbag challenge… I have so many of those! xx

  • January shoe sales always up the number of shoes:)) Sorry to hear about the lady dragons, those are such a lovely style of shoe, I believe you can never have too many!:)

    Glad to hear that tehre will be something like the shoe challenge next year – I’m in no matter what.

    Today I bought ANOTHER pair of shoes! That means all-in-all I have 246 pairs – but luckily only 6 pairs to go in the shoe challenge :))

  • You do wear a lot of blue lately but don’t worry, we love it! Perhaps blue is the new green for you? hehe
    Loved your skirt and your new shoes! Your parents know you well, they’ve given you amazing gifts these Christmas.

  • Looking so pretty Amber πŸ™‚ These shoes are seriously nice, love the colour and the fabric. Thought of you whilst strolling through Zara this afternoon, so many, sooo many pretty shoes on sale, terribly tempting :S

  • I really love how your hair is falling in these pics, did you do anything in particular to get that lovely curl at the end?

    I absolutely love this outfit – the simplicity of blue and white together is always a winner in my books!

  • So weird that the Lady Dragons were too small, you’d think you’d know your size by now. πŸ˜‰

    I’m so in love with your skirt btw!!! I desperately need me, but unfortunately I’ve put myself on a shopping diet yet again…

        • I think they might have changed the sizing a bit for the newer releases… I had a close look at my other pairs last night, and now that I look closely, I think the pink sparkle pair, which were from last season, are smaller than the older ones too, although I didn’t notice it at the time. I’ve ordered the next size up, though, so hopefully they’ll work – they’re really gorgeous shoes!

  • I absolutely adore this skirt, and have been desperately trying to find something similar to it that I can afford/pay for in dollars.

  • I love your blue shoes! And the blue skirt as well (I love that shape!)
    I know what you mean about the blue color and the season, I don’t like to wear white shoes in the winter – but then, why not? There are wihte ankle boots that totally go with winter – and blue too, so!
    Well, 90 pairs, just 9 more to go!
    About the Lady Dragon shoes – sad! I know how much you like them! I once ordered a pair of lovely ankle boots from Forever 21. When they arrived, one boot was bigger than the other! Really! So, it sometimes happen…
    ooking forward for the next challenge idea!

  • WOW…just gone and bought them!!!!!!!! ALso I snatches these little yellow beauties but unfortunately the heel is a bit wobbly and have to return them πŸ™

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