Shoe Re-Do: Shoes to wear with white broderie anglaise

white broderie angliase dress with choice of shoes

I loved this white broderie anglaise skirt and top set the second I laid eyes on them in the Next directory: it’s such a cool, summery look, and as much as I like the two worn together, I was also pleased to discover it was a skirt and top rather than a dress, because I think both of these items would look good worn with other things, too.

But not with these shoes.

I’m sure there’s someone out there who could make this look work, but that person definitely isn’t me: I don’t dislike the shoe on its own, but viewed from a distance, the high, white vamp creates the impression that the model is wearing black peep toes with white socks, and once my brain had made that connection, it suddenly became all I could see.

What would I exchange them for? This was a really easy one for me to answer, because the shoes I’d choose were lurking just a few pages away in the same catalogue: it would be really tempting to wear this all-white outfit with bright shoes (and I think that would look great, too), but I really liked these white and gold laser-cut sandals which pick up the delicate feel of the broderie anglaise and allow me to fully indulge my love of head-toe-white.

Of course, that’s just one option. White dresses/skirts work with pretty much any colour or pattern you can think of, so there are so many different shoes that would look fantastic with this outfit. Out of all the shoes in all the world, which ones would you pick for a Shoe Re-Do?

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  • You are dead right about the shoes the model is wearing, they look very odd. That outfit needs a more delicate style I think.

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