Shoe Deja Vu: L.A.M.B ‘Meredith’ vs Zara asymmetric pumps

LAMB Meredith

They’re blue rather than black, and there are some other obvious differences, but the basic shape of L.A.M.B‘s ‘Meredith’ instantly reminded me of my beloved Zara asymmetric pumps, a.k.a. The Ones That Got Away:

Zara asymmetric pumps

Honestly, it still hurts to look at them. Mostly because they’re STILL popping up on eBay for upwards of £200, which is just CRAZYtalk. But I digress.

The L.A.M.B. shoes are also available in red and taupe, and have a slightly less elegant shape than the Zara version, plus an odd little “fat roll” around the sides. It’s that little platform that really annoys me about these, though: what’s the point of it? Why does a shoe need a tiny little platform, that’s smaller than the shoe itself? Go big, or go home, that’s my rule. And this shoe honestly doesn’t NEED a platform: not even a small one.

Still, for all of their flaws, they’re possibly the closest thing I’ve seen to the Zara lovelies, and at $250, could even work out cheaper – if you’re trying to buy the Zara version on eBay, that is.

Want them? Click here to buy them.


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