Shoe Deja Vu: L.A.M.B ‘Meredith’ vs Zara asymmetric pumps

LAMB Meredith

They’re blue rather than black, and there are some other obvious differences, but the basic shape of L.A.M.B‘s ‘Meredith’ instantly reminded me of my beloved Zara asymmetric pumps, a.k.a. The Ones That Got Away:

Zara asymmetric pumps

Honestly, it still hurts to look at them. Mostly because they’re STILL popping up on eBay for upwards of £200, which is just CRAZYtalk. But I digress.

The L.A.M.B. shoes are also available in red and taupe, and have a slightly less elegant shape than the Zara version, plus an odd little “fat roll” around the sides. It’s that little platform that really annoys me about these, though: what’s the point of it? Why does a shoe need a tiny little platform, that’s smaller than the shoe itself? Go big, or go home, that’s my rule. And this shoe honestly doesn’t NEED a platform: not even a small one.

Still, for all of their flaws, they’re possibly the closest thing I’ve seen to the Zara lovelies, and at $250, could even work out cheaper – if you’re trying to buy the Zara version on eBay, that is.

Want them? Click here to buy them.


  • The Zara ones in themselves are a deja vu of the very famous Christian Louboutin Helmut style. This is the first CL style I remember seeing and noting – Kirsten Dunst wore them so much during her Spiderman period.

  • How To Mix And Match Patterns And Prints In Leisure Wear
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    Wearing clothes with different prints and patterns isn’t exactly an easy task. The elements can easily clash and it may look more like a mess than being stylish. But then, we have seen how models and celebrities strut around fashionably with a blend of patterns and prints, which makes us very curious about how they can pull this off effortlessly. leisure wear

    Even in every New York and Paris Fashion Week, we have seen designers put patterns together and we have watched them make a fashion statement out of the artsy mess. If someone tells you that you’re not supposed to mix your prints, then most probably, their sense of leisure wear style is outdated.

    The thing is, there are simple rules that you should follow if you want to rock this power clashing look seamlessly.

    The Power of Mixing
    Learning this art is like mastering 70s fashion. In that era, the mixing of stripes, florals, graphics, grid prints, and even animal prints are trendy and are not a sin to mix. Nothing says “fashionista” if you have the ability to mix and match patterns without it looking messy. You can even start calling yourself chic and cool–if you have eventually mastered this fashion trick. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you can start mixing and matching your patterns for that amped up fashionista look.

    Here are some of the guidelines that you can follow:

    Stick to two colors
    When in doubt, stick only with two colors for your combo. It is best that you look at the colors first before matching your patterns. If the colors that you are putting together look harmonious, chances are that your patterns will work together too. If you are worried about how this will turn out, the safest color that you can go for is the very classic black and white.

    Imagine, pairing a white and black striped blazer with plain white shorts is already a classic pair. Even if you leisure wear a black top with white polka dots, chances are that the outfit still looks very stylish and seamless.

    leisure wear
    Mind your color palettes
    As much as you are tempted to go bold and colorful, sticking with one color palette is the easiest way to blend your patterns harmoniously. For example, if you want to go with pastel colors, go pastel all the way.

    Even if you will be pairing florals with stripes, as long as your colors are in one color palette, you won’t look messy.

    Imagine, a white and blue striped shirt paired with floral skinny jeans, both in cool pastel hues are a great springtime or summer outfit option for leisure wear.

    At least one color to match
    There are people out there who don’t really like sticking to one color palette because there’s no thrill in that. But if you still want a look that’s streamlined with a couple of color palettes mixed together, at least choose one color to match.

    Imagine, a plain black blazer paired with an animal print skirt is a winning combo. As long as there are two colors that match in your prints, you’re definitely good to go.

    The simpler the prints, the better
    It is still possible to go overboard when you’re trying to mix prints. When it doubt, keep your prints simple so it is easier to pair. Complex prints require more work than simple ones and it is harder to pull off.

    Spread your patterns equally
    Don’t overload your patterns on one area of your body. If you are going for a patterned blazer, have a plain top underneath. Feel free to have patterned pants or skirts for a more distributed and even look. In fact, there isn’t any rule that you can’t wear a printed jacket or blazer over a printed top, feel free to do so if that’s what you like. But if you feel like your outfit is looking a little too busy, then distributing the prints evenly can lessen the “busy” and “cluttered” look.

    Don’t forget that you can also have patterned shoes if that’s what you prefer.

    Break it with solids
    Even if mixing patterns is what we’re trying to do here, don’t forget to mix a couple of solid colors into your look. It adds a touch of balance without overpowering the mixing and matching.

    Maximize accessories
    If you’re not big on mixing too many prints because you’re worried it won’t look good on you, you can start small by adding printed accessories to your outfit for an added leisure wear style. Go for printed scarves and shoes to amp up your leisure wear style game.

    Don’t be afraid to break the rules
    Fashion is an adventure. As long as you feel confident, you shouldn’t be afraid about breaking any rules. It is definitely okay to have your own look and combinations! Be a trendsetter.

    Patterns on Patterns
    Now that we’ve discussed how to use colors to your advantage, let us now discuss which patterns go together for that seamless look. When you’re in doubt about which patterns look good together, here’s your cheat sheet:

    Stripes x Floral
    Believe it or not, stripes are actually neutral and they can go with absolutely any pattern. If you want to be safe in terms of pairing other prints, such as florals and more stripes in different sizes, go for a Stripes X any pattern combination. However, you have to make sure that if you are going to combine large floral prints with stripes, go for smaller stripes. If you want smaller floral prints, go for bigger stripes.

    Checkered x Checkered
    When we are talking about mixing prints, it doesn’t always have to be two patterns that are different from one another. Consider mixing two of the same patterns together, too. The best way to do this is to consider the size of the patterns in order to harmoniously mix them together. Bigger checkered patterns paired with smaller checkered ones actually look put together. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the colors as well for a bolder and fashion-forward look. This tip is actually foolproof!

    Graphic Tees x Floral
    Graphic tees are very versatile and will look good with almost any pants. If you want a chic look with a mix of personality and angst, go for the graphic tee x floral mix. A simple shirt can easily turn into something fabulous if you pair it with other prints. Not only does floral add a daintier touch to your rockstar outfit, but it is also the perfect balance of mix and match prints.

    Floral x Floral
    Uncoordinated floral patterns look good together as long as they’re in different sizes. You don’t even have to take note of color combinations, just the pattern proportions. For example, if you want to opt for large flowers for your top, go for smaller flowers for your skirt or pants.

    Polka Dots x Stripes
    As mentioned before, stripes are very versatile when it comes to combinations. Even though these two patterns are mostly of the same size, these two just blend too well together that even breaking that different size rule wouldn’t ruin the outcome of your perfect leisure wear OOTD.

    Animal Prints x Polka Dots
    There is a lot of versatility to animal prints and they can look good with anything, just like stripes. Animal prints usually have packed prints, which makes it almost similar to a block color. Adding another element to your outfit can easily dress up the sass of animal prints. Pairing it with small polka dots are a great way to balance this bold combination.

    Florals x Checkered
    This may seem clashing when you think of it, but these two actually look fabulous together. There’s something about checkered that makes floral patterns stand out more–therefore, making it look chic and fashionable with very minimal effort. The key here is to opt for small checks if you’re pairing it with big florals.

    Checkered x Stripes
    Since both have lines, they blend well together without any clashing. Even if you go for big checkered patterns combined with big stripes, you can never go wrong with this combination. Fashion experts also find that these combinations can work well even if the colors aren’t monochromatic.

    Polka dots x Polka dots
    You’ve seen celebrities do this and they look good in full polka dots. Wearing a blazer with small polka dot details can look amazing on top of another polka dot dress with bigger polka dots. It’s just a matter of choosing which colors look good together, such as black and white, black and red, or any other color combinations that you like.

    Color Mixing Strategies
    Apart from mixing different prints, colors can also be a complicated thing to pair. While others find it easy to see which colors look good and pleasing to the eye when combined, others just find it difficult to mix and match their color combos. Others even fear the concept of mixing completely different colors in one outfit, even though they can actually look good when done right.

    In order to help those who struggle with this, let’s further discuss how you can strategize with the colors that you’re using.

    Go monochromatic
    For beginners, going monochromatic is the easiest trick that you can use. Using one color in different shades and mixing the variations of tone can create a very simple and put-together look.

    Coordinate separate garments in different shades to create an amazing look. For example, blush tones and rusty oranges will look good together even though they’re of different color variations. They are still considered monochromatic because of its similarity in tone.

    Go for metallic neutrals
    Whenever people discuss neutrals, most people would think beige, browns, blacks, and grays. However, there are a lot of colors that fall on the neutral category such as metallics. You can opt for gold and silver to make the outfit look more fun and adventurous. It easily breaks the boring look, too!

    Go for primary colors
    If you really love color and you’re not afraid to mix it all up, you can opt for mixing the primary colors red, blue, and yellow in one outfit. Since these three shades can create every other color in the spectrum, they simply look good together no matter how many colors you’re willing to put in one ensemble.

    Go for analogous colors
    Remember the color wheel? The one that looks like the entire rainbow in one circle? Those shades that are next to each other are called analogous colors. Basically, those colors that are next to each other will look good together when paired. While the colors that are in the opposite direction will contrast one another.

    Go for contrasts, too
    Even though the color is on the opposite side of the color wheel, it doesn’t always mean that you can’t pair those colors together. Just like a rich purple will look good with jade green, mixing jewel tones together will look amazing when combined.

    Confidence In Your Leisure Wear
    Above anything else, your sense of leisure wear style is nothing without your confidence. You can style all you want leisure wear and follow numerous trends on social media, but you will never look good in anything if you don’t believe that you do look good. Confidence is sexy, it is beautiful, it is what makes you more stunning than ever. If you want to look and feel good in any combination of leisure wear, always make sure that you feel confidently beautiful in any garment that you’re wearing. Your confidence will show and you will look amazing, no doubt.

    “Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years. There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self expression and, above all, attitude.”

    —Iris Apfel
    Just 4 Unique leisure wear will provide you with the best leisure wear finds that are trendy and can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content.

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