Sequins and sparkle at Oasis

sequin dresses at Oasis

black sequin tube dress / floral embellished dress / sequin pencil skirt / petal back sequin top / ‘Cilla’ court shoes/ embellished embroidered cami

Oasis. I know perfectly well that I should just leave their website well alone right now – or even ask ShoeperMan to put some kind of parental lock on it, to stop me hitting up the ‘new in’ section on such a regular basis. Ultimately, though, I know resistance is futile, and I’m probably going to just keep on obsessing over… well, everything, really. It’s a problem, for sure.

It’s not a problem I’m particularly interested in solving right now, however, which is why today I bring you yet another Oasis edit: this one focusing on the many pieces of sequined and sparkly clothing that are currently filling the site. These range in style from the totally OTT (if you think the black sequin dress is a little bit ‘blingy’, just wait until you see the gold version), to the slightly more laid back. My favourite piece here, for instance, is the petal back jumper, which has enough shimmer to it to look nicely festive, but not so much that you couldn’t throw it on with a pair of jeans, and wear it out to lunch, or somewhere else decidedly non-Christmasy. (Please tell me there ARE still things happening right now that have absolutely no connection to Christmas? Because I currently can’t check my email without there being at least five more messages with the word “Christmas” in the title, and this has been going on since October now, so I could seriously do with a break…)

As for the sequin pencil skirt, which is my second-favourite item, well, I’m not going to try and tell you to wear it to the office (although, if you can, you obviously have a much more glamorous job than me!), but it’s the kind of skirt that will look good with something like a black roll neck and tights, as well as with an equally sparkly top and shoes: try it and see…

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