Schuh Princess Panel Bar Wedges

Schuh Princess Panel Bar Wedge

These shoes won’t actually be available to buy until late October, so if you love them, please accept my apologies for showing you something you can’t have just yet.

They’re Schuh’s ‘Princess’ wedges, and for me, they fall into the category of “probably woudn’t wear them, but couldn’t possibly not show you them.” Quite a few shoes fall into this category, now I come to think of it…

With their gold/blue/pink uppers, these are giving off a strong 70s disco vibe. In fact, I’m going to have ‘Night Fever’ stuck in my head ALL DAY now, thanks to this.

These are £75, are also available in silver, and, as I said, they won’t be available for another few weeks yet. If you head over to Schuh, though, I’m sure you’ll find something to console yourself with in the meantime…



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