Shoe Shopping With Shoeperwoman, plus shoes # 70

It’s been a long time since I took you all shoe shopping with me (Which is actually how I think of these features, by the way: it’s as if you’re all somehow tucked inside my phone, ooh-ing and aah-ing at each pair of shoes I point the camera at. Or sometimes all shouting, “NO, SHOEPERWOMAN! Put down the shoes and back slowly away!”) so I snapped some quick pictures last time I went on a shopping research trip. Yes, readers, I do the shopping so you don’t have to: I’m all heart!

Now, this trip wasn’t totally without objective. In fact, I very much wanted to get my hands (or feet, rather) on a pair of Schuh’s ‘Frenchie’ butterfly courts, which you may remember me declaring to be Shoe Kryptonite when I wrote about them back in December. And here they are:

Unfortunately the colour didn’t come out quite right in these photos, and the green shoes on the right of the picture look much more turquoise than they do in real life. Their actual colour is much more like the shade shown on the Schuh website, and is absolutely gorgeous, as are the shoes themselves, which made it very hard for me to walk away from them. Here’s a close-up of the butterfly detail:

So pretty I found myself willing to overlook the Dolce & Gabbana “inspiration”!

On my way out of Schuh, I stopped by the sale rack and tried on these Irregular Choice ‘Whitney’ platforms, which I think were down to about £35 (I couldn’t find them on the Schuh website):

The display model was a size too big for me, but these would be so much fun for summer.

Just for fun, I also tried on the green version of the Cortesan Woof courts:

Great shape, but a little too green, even for me!

Next up, I headed to the Miss Selfridge concession in Debenhams, where this was the sight that greeted me:

Nude pumps! My particular weakness right now. I’d actually spotted these shoes on the Miss Selfridge website, but hadn’t really given them a second thought. In person, though, I decided they were pretty much perfect:

Straight onto the wish list they went!

Finally came these babies, which you may remember me writing about back in December:

They’d been reduced to £20, but have since gone down to £15. They’re sold out online, but as you can see, there were still quite a few pairs left in my local Debenhams:

(Sorry about the blurry photo, my hands must’ve been shaking with excitement…)

Sadly, though, although I examined every single pair, none of them were my size, otherwise a pair of these would definitely have been coming home with me. As for what did come home with me:

Shoes # 70, nude platform pumps, £25 from Next. And yes, I know, I know: another pair of nude shoes. In my meagre defence, though:

a) They’re the perfect shade of nude for my skin tone
b) I’m obsessed.
c) Did I mention they were only £25? All things considered, I think I did pretty well not to buy the black version, too…

So, there you have it, and all I can say, Challengettes, is that sometimes, even when you already have 69 pairs of shoes at home, you will find a bargain pair of nude platforms that you just know you’ll get lots of wear out of. And when you do find those shoes, I will be in no position to judge you for buying them…


  • “Oooh you’re terrible Muriel” (Muriels Wedding line….me and my pal us it A LOT!)

    “Forced” by your Shoeyness, I counted my shoes again….I have 50 pairs…but of those 50 around 8 won’t probably be worn but still need to be kept, around 13 may get worn, they may not, 4 are in the process of dying and 3 are trainers/converse, (don’t count!) so I actually only have 22 pairs….so surely I can buy the next pair I have my eye on right?!?? LOL!

    So in summary….I like that you have oodles of shoes yet still buy…it makes me feel justified!! Heh!

  • The Frenchies are stunning. I reeeeeally want them but feel they are a tad too expensive. The Irregular Choice Whitney’s are the same style as the Kim Oh No polka dot ones I bought last year after seeing them here! They didn’t have those on my local Schuh’s sale rail or they would’ve been joining the Kim’s!

    I love this sort of post, more please! xx

    • I’m planning to do some more – although these posts are incredibly dangerous for my bank balance 🙂 Maybe I could try and justify it as “a business expense”?

      • these posts are my favorites:) I just wish we had more stores in Prague (cause we don’t have miss selfridge or IC) so I could join you on the shopping trips. well, virtually..:)

  • My goodness… If only I’d know you’d go today. See, I went and did the same thing yesterday and simply HAD to walk out with a lovely new pair of shoes! It couldn’t be helped!

  • I have the Next pumps in the black version, they are possibly the most difficult to walk in pair of shoes I own, I feel as if the heel will buckle underneath me every step I take! That given, it doesn’t stop me wearing them 🙂 and I may need to add the nude versions to my collection! x

    • I know, they’re gorgeous -I have another shoe purchase in mind for this month now (I know, I know…) so I couldn’t afford them. Maybe next month, though 🙂

  • i love the butterfly shoes! Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, we don’t have a Schuh in Saskatoon…

  • I love the IC Cortesan Woof courts, I think I prefer them in the grey I’ve seen… (could have been blue)… oh well in grey/blue I’ve seen 😀

  • Ooh, I love all of them, but I think I would have bought the Irregular Choice ones. So pretty, and that thick heel makes them look like they’d be comfortable, or at least easy to walk in.

  • Challengettes? In your Tuesday post you called for suggestions for additional/alternative names for your brave army of foot soldiers willing to take up the torch of Shoe Rescue. In case everyone’s moved on, my late reply, containing a few from me, just scratching the surface really, is at:
    Let terrible puns and apt alliterative appellations abound! Arrrrgh!

    En avance! Chassez les chaussures chauds! Pour Dieu et mon Petit Pied Droit! (battle-cries of the Espadrille Escadrille) — you get the idea!

  • Gosh……..all wonderful shoes..ç_ç but your nude Next ones are simply gorgeous. Really lovely, you have well done buying them!ely, you have well done buiyng them! Great deal!!


  • I know all about the barging pair of nude shoes…I recently just HAD to buy a pair of the most lovely Nude BCBGeneration shoes, for the grand total of…£8!


  • Hey!
    I am pretty sure you will come back to buy the butterfly court shoes 🙂 they’re amazing!
    Happy shoe shopping!

  • I’ve wanted those glittery Miss Selfridge ones for ages and hoped they would reduce them again(they only reduced them to £25 down here), but they sold out in my local store before they could.

  • I would have bought the butterfly shoes, because they are just beautiful. Actually, I would have bought all the shoes you tried on, except maybe the green felt ones.

  • i just ordered the green butterfly pumps for myself!
    i’m just hoping they will fit me and that they will be a nice quality shoe!
    does anyone have experience with schuh shoes? this will be my first time ordering from them so i’m hoping for the best!

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