Schuh ‘Fox Stud’ studded peep toes

studded peep toes

Schuh ‘Fox Stud’ studded peep toes, £65

It’s been at least a few days since I last showed you a pair of heavily studded shoes, so I feel completely justified in featuring these ‘Fox Stud’ studded peep toes, which are £65 at Schuh, and very obviously influenced by Christian Louboutin’s ‘Lady Peep’ platforms.

Now, I’m sure regular readers won’t need me to tell them how much I love a studded shoe. The reason I think these ones work particularly well, however, is because the studs are exactly the same colour as the upper. That’s not to say that a contrasting stud can’t look awesome too, of course (It most definitely can, in fact…), but the beauty of studs which use the same colour as the upper is that they’re just that little bit more subtle than their metallic brothers and sisters. I know “subtle” probably seems like a strange choice of words here, but what I’ve found with the River Island studded pumps I bought earlier this month is that although the spikes look fairly lethal in close-up, once they’re actually on your feet, and being viewed from a distance, they seem far less threatening, and the effect is simply of an interesting texture, as opposed to the kind of spikes that could possibly draw blood.

I have a feeling that will also be the case with these shoes, but even if it isn’t, I still love them. I tried on the Lady Peep spikes last summer, and have been coveting them ever since: these are a nice, much more affordable alternative, and if you’re sick to death of black and nude, there’s also a cammo/gold version which doesn’t appeal to me AT ALL, but which might just do it for you.

As always with Schuh, it’s worth taking a look at the photos of the shoes on a model: it makes quite a difference!

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