Sam Edelman spike-heeled ‘Scarlett’ t-bar pumps

Black and gold t-bar pumps by Sam EdlemanFrom the front, these shoes look… not quite “sweet”, but certainly innocent enough. Turn them around, though, and it’s a slightly different story:

Black heel with spikes by Sam EdlemanYup, it’s our old friend, the spiked heel. This kind of thing always seems to prompt a “love it or hate it” reaction from my shoeper readers: I fall firmly on the side of “love it”, and I think it works particularly well on these shoes, with their pin heels and gold uppers. If you need any more convincing, here’s what they look like on a foot:

Neither sweet NOR innocent, but I love them. If you do too, you can click here to pre-order them from Nordstrom, where they’re £136.45.


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