Five on Friday | Resisting the Sales

Banana Republic green silk dress

Banana Republic green satin dress

For some reason, I always forget to check out US-based brands like J Crew and Banana Republic, even although many of (including Banana Republic) now have UK versions of their websites, complete with UK shipping options. I’m both glad and a little disappointed that I remembered to take a look on this occasion, though, because I absolutely LOVE this green satin dress, but a) I can’t afford it, and b) It’s sold out in my size, even if I could. Oh well, I guess that solves THAT problem!

Boden Sophia shirt dress

Boden Sophia shirt dress

The Boden sale was on this week, and I’m embarrassed to admit that my bank account is a little bit lighter because of it. I didn’t buy this Sophia shirt dress, although that was purely because I know the miserable British weather won’t give me many opportunities to wear it, as usual. If I had a holiday, planned, though, I’m pretty sure this would have found its way into my basket: it’s just so crisp and fresh looking – perfect for a hot summer’s day!

Boden popover shirt dress

Boden popover shirt dress

This is another of the dresses I didn’t buy in the Boden sale – and another shirt dress, into the bargain.  I hesitated here because, although I love this particular style of shirt dress on other people, on me they always tend to make me look like I just forgot to wear pants – which isn’t quite the look I’m after, needless to say. I really like the look of this one, though, so if it goes into the final end-of-season sale, you never know what might happen…

polka dot midi skirt

ASOS Petite Polka Dot Midi Skirt

This skirt is another one I only discovered after it sold out in my size. It’s currently sold out in most other sizes too, unfortunately, but I have a lot of luck with ASOS when I just save the item I’m interested in to my Wish List anyway (in whichever size IS still available), and check back regularly – sooner or later, most things DO make a comeback!

Chi Chi London Vogue dress

Chi Chi London Vogue Dress

Finally, I started with a green dress, so I may as well end with one, too! I’ve been trying not to look at the Chi Chi London website, because it just holds too much temptation for me. I risked a peek last week, though, and sure enough, there it was – the ‘Vogue’ dress in mint green: sheer perfection!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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