Rupert Sanderson 100mm suede lips sandals

Rupert Sanderson Lips sandals

Rupert Sanderson Lips sandals, £460

What is it with lips on shoes this year? We’ve seen quite a bit of this look over the past few months, and this is actually the second time Rupert Sanderson has been responsible for the shoe in question. Now here he is, revisiting the “my shoes have a mouth” look with these pretty suede slingbacks.

When I saw these shoes from the side, I got really excited thinking the red embellishment was going to be a heart. Now THAT I would have loved. (In fact, could someone please just go and create that shoe? Like a Lady Dragon, but in suede or leather, basically? Thanks!) Then I looked at the top view, and suddenly found them a lot less appealing when I realised it was, in fact, a giant set of lips.

I’m making it sound like I hate these shoes: I actually don’t. In fact, I think they’re really quite cute, all things considered, and while I wouldn’t spend £460 on them, the easy-to-wear nude/red combination could be fantastic with the right outfit – I’m thinking something super-simple/classic , with the lips providing an injection of humour.

Are you loving lips on shoes, or would you pass on these?

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