Ruby Shoesday # 16: Cheaty McCheaterston


(Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragons, red ASOS pencil skirt, black bardot sweater, Primark bow belt)

OK, OK, I’m totally cheating with this Ruby Shoesday, because these shoes are only a little bit red rather than totally red. This morning, though, while I was pondering whether or not I could get away with using them for a Ruby Shoesday challenge, I happened to look at Shoegal, and saw that Fi had done exactly that. Well, that made up my mind for me, and the Lady Dragons were duly inducted into the Ruby Shoesday rotation. Now I just wish I’d thought of doing it sooner…

As you might have guessed from the lack of Shoe Challenge/Ruby Shoesday posts lately, I’ve hit that Between-Season-Slump I hate so much. It feels too late in the year for summer clothes, but the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having this month makes it too hot for boots and tights, so while I’m thoroughly bored with my wardrobe right now, I’m reluctant to change it for the winter one and end up sweltering in the sun. I’m also reluctant to complain too much about it, because I am loving the unexpectedly warmer weather, and I know that two weeks into winter I’ll be willing to sell my soul for one week of mid-September so I’m just trying to make the most of it while I can. I can’t believe I’m still getting away with peep toes and bare legs!

I love these ASOS pencil skirts. I have a red one and an navy one, and I have my eye on two more…

The belt was an impulse buy in Primark a couple of weeks ago. When I see red belts with bows on them, I just have to buy one.

I’ve earmarked the last Sunday in September for the Great Wardrobe Switchover. Now I just have to hope the warm weather lasts until then!



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