Roger Vivier Belle Vivier pink embellished ballerina flats

roger vivier pink embellished ballerina flats

roger vivier flats


THE SHOES: Roger Vivier ‘Belle Vibier’ pink embellished ballerina flats

Can you guess how much these shoes are, readers? Go on, guess: I’ll wait here…

Did you guess 1,900 euros? If so congratulations: you win the house cup! These are, indeed, 1,900 euros, and that, my friends, is why I’m not a huge fan of Roger Vivier. Well, that and the fact that a lot of the designs remind me of ‘old lady’ shoes. No offence to those who like them (or, indeed, to any old ladies who wouldn’t ever wear them!), but they do have a somewhat dated feel sometimes, and although they can also be very classic, they’re just not one of my favourite shoe brands.

These shoes, however: these I can get on board with. Sure, they have the distinctive Vivier square toe and buckle, but the sparkly pink upper totally transforms them – and when I saw them on the My Wardrobe model, I absolutely loved them:

outfit featuring pink sparkly ballet flats

See what I mean? I don’t love them enough to spend 1,900 euros on them, obviously, but if I did have a pair of these, I’d probably wear them much like this. I think these are shoes that need to be downplayed a little – or used to add a touch of whimsical glamour to an otherwise basic look.

pink ballet flats outfit


Lately I’ve been really into super-casual, loungewear-inspired looks. This outfit would would definitely be comfortable enough for a night on the sofa, but throw on those flats and while you’re still not going to look even remotely “dressed up”, your feet definitely will be! In fact, maybe they’ll even be glam enough to distract people from the fact that you’re out in your loungewear: I hope so, anyway – for that price, I’d expect to be wearing these shoes every single day, regardless of the occasion!


  • I’m so glad you said that about RV designs. I keep thinking I ought to like them and some of the bloggers who have the most aspirational (to me) lifestyles swear by them as the ultimate in chic. Heck – Catherine Deneuve is the greatest style icon ever and she lives in the damned things and always has. But I just cannot feel the love. At least not enough to shell out the asking price for the normal ones, let alone these sparkly cinderella pumps.

  • I don’t know enough about Roger to know how I feel about his shoes generally, but if they’re all in this price bracket, I’m not going to bother to find out more. 1,900 euros for a pair of flats? You could buy a car for that!

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