Rochas pink and glitter slingbacks with cut-outs

pink slingback shoes with glitter heel pink patent slingback shoes

shoes with pink toes

Rochas slingbacks, £385

At first glance, I assumed these shoes were just a pretty pair of pink slingbacks, with the glittery stiletto heel being the stand-out feature. Upon closer inspection, however, I found they’re actually a little more unusual than that, thanks to the slightly strange toe detail, which I didn’t notice right away, but which is much more obvious in the second and third photos.

So, what we basically have here is… an open toe which remains “closed” at the very end? A closed toe with a large cut-out in the front? I’m not quite sure which way to look at it, but however you choose to see it, it’s basically a cross between the two: these will give a large amount of toe cleavage – almost as much as an open-toed sandal, in fact – but the leather toe will cover the very tips of your toenails. I’m curious to see what these would look like on a foot: my instinct is that it could look a little bit odd, and that I’d prefer for these shoes to make up their minds what they want to be – i.e. open OR closed, not both – but as we know, shoes can look very different when they’re being worn, and I guess there’s always the chance that they could look fantastic. I just doubt it, somehow.

What do you say to these?

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  • In the second photo, it looks to me like there is no leather to cover the ends of your toes, just a ramp (for lack of a better description) up to the end of the shoe.

    I’m not a fan of that type of strap anyway – they never seem to stay on my feet properly.

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