River Island gold laser cut ballerina flats

River Island gold laser cut ballerina flats

River Island gold laser cut ballerina flats, £25

A couple of weeks ago, I started my annual search for a pair of gold flats to wear on this year’s vacation. (Which isn’t for months yet, by the way, but I like to be organised…) I’ve already earmarked the Dorothy Perkins sandals I showed you a few weeks ago for the holiday itself, but I also want a closed-toe version for the airport/on the plane etc. I’m always freezing when I fly, and I have a horror of airplane bathroom floors, which are generally filthy – I always see people going into them just wearing socks (or even in bare feet), and it makes me want to gag. But I digress: you’re not hear to read about my airplane phobias, you’re hear to read about shoes!

These ones are by River Island, and if they’re still available on pay day, I’ll hopefully be able to declare my search over. I love the pointed toe on these, which is my favourite shape for flats, but I mostly like the laser-cut upper: it’s something a little bit different, but it’s also fairly practical for summer in that it’ll provide the coverage I’m looking for, while still allowing the feet to breathe.

Although the £25 price tag is very reasonable, however, my River Island purchase may not be, because while I was looking at the shoes, I also found this dress:

light gren sequin embellished dress

light green sequin embellished dress, £85

It’s not my usual style at all, but I love it, and think it could look great with flats (either the ones above or the sandals I linked to) on a warm summer night when you have somewhere a little bit special to go. Sadly, this ISN’T cheap, at £85, but perhaps that’s just as well for my bank account. Doesn’t stop me dreaming, though…

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  • Oooh, that dress is lovely but works out at €114 so think it will just be staying on the wishlist – damn exchange rates!!

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