River Island gold glitter gemstone ballet flats

gold glitter ballet flats

Gold glitter flats, £35

Have I told you lately how much I’m loving River Island right now? Just a few times? OK, well, I’ll try not to dwell on that, and just show you these gold, glittery ballet flats, which are the perfect alternative to heels for the upcoming party season. Or for any other time you want to wear them, of course: I don’t know about you, but while I hesitate to wear my glitter-encrusted heels for anything other than parties and other special occasions (I know plenty of women who can pull this off, but I’m not one of them: plus, I think I’d get tired of all of the “Where are you off to, all dressed up?” questions I’d get if I decided to give it a try!), somehow flats seem a little different, and I can imagine wearing these with jeans or something similar. They’d never be “casual” exactly, but I don’t think you’d need to reserve them solely for Christmas, either, which is a good thing for those of you with a certain Shoe Challenge to get through…

I love the pointed toe on these, and the gemstones on top of it, which make these even more special than they would have been anyway. They’re also available in a range of slightly less shiny uppers, including black and leopard print, so if you’re not into glitter, take a look at the River Island website to see the other options. Just don’t stray too far into the skirts section, or, if you’re anything like me, you might find yourself checking out with more than just a pair of ballet flats!

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