Shoeperwoman’s Shoes: River Island brown pointed knee-high boots

I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of brown, knee-high boots for absolutely ages. I have a pair of three-quarter length ones, but they’re pretty casual, and I wanted something a bit smarter to wear with dresses and skirts. The problem with knee highs and me, though, is that it’s always really difficult to get the right fit on the calf. Most knee-high boot look like wellies on me, so when I found these ones in River Island, which are as good fit as I’m likely to find without paying for made-to-measure, I knew they had to be mine! Shoeperman actually bought them for me as a belated Christmas gift, so I have him to thank for the first new shoes of the year!

I mostly like these boots because they’re fairly plain, with just a small metal detail at the ankle. I was looking for something simple and versatile, and although the pointed toe is a bit of a departure for me, because I’ve mostly been wearing rounder toes over the past couple of years, it makes them quite elegant, too.

They’re just a little too big on the calf, but still the best fit I’ve managed to find on the high street. There are various brands now which allow you to send your calf measurements in and get the perfect fit, but they do cost a little more, so I’ll leave those for next time!

Now, of course, I just need the snow to disappear, so I can actually wear them!


  • That is such a cute outfit! I have the opposite problem – most knee high boots are too small around the calves for me. Well that and at 5 foot tall they generally end up being over the knee boots!

  • Hi, this is my first comment here and I want to say how much I love your fashion blogs!
    I love this outfit and my friend has thoses boots, i have to keep ‘borrowing’ them 😛
    But I am especially in LOVE with that dress!!
    May I ask where did you get it?

  • Thanks for the comments on the dress, everyone! Maria, it’s just from Primark – it’s over a year old now, though, so if you’re looking for one, I would imagine eBay would probably be your best bet now!

  • I have always thought that a beatiful dress like yours can’t go better than with a pair of high heeled knee high boots. That combination looks so cute and sexy at once. I hope that it never go out of style.

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