RED Valentino Flower Paillette Pumps

pink flower pumps

Red Valentino pumps, £337.36

Did anyone else look at these shoes and instantly go, “Awwwww!”? Just me? It was my instinctive reaction to them, purely because they’re just so darn SWEET, aren’t they? The baby pink upper, the cute little sprinkling of flowers… they have a very youthful, girlish feel to them somehow, which is all very typical of the RED Valentino brand.

These have pink leather uppers with flower paillettes dotted from toe to heel. The heel itself, meanwhile, is a 3.5″ stiletto: high, but very walkable – or at least more so than some! At a time when pointed toes have once again become the norm, I know the almond toe on these will be welcomed by many of you, too. The great thing about almond toes is that never really go out of fashion: the pointed versions come and go, but this kind of shape sticks around, and never really looks dated, which is why it makes a good choice for classic dressers, or people looking to buy investment pieces which will last for years. Of course, the floral upper on these makes them more of a “trend” piece than a “wear forever” one, although I guess that’s a matter of personal taste. Even if they don’t turn out to be something you wear for years to come, I think they’d see you through a good few springs and summers at least, thanks to that unusual floral upper!

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