RED Valentino Cherry-appliqué glitter-finish ballet flats and polka dot Mary Janes

RED Valentino | Cherry-appliqué glitter-finish ballet flats

I have to begin this post with an apology. You see, I came across these shoes yesterday morning, in the “new in” section at Net-a-Porter, and bookmarked them to write about later. By the time I got round to writing this post yesterday evening, though, they had already completely sold out, so either NAP only had a few pairs in stock or there will soon be a LOT of people walking around in glittery ballet flats.

Well, determined not to be beaten, I set out to track these down somewhere else. My first stop was the RED Valentino site itself, and it was there that I got completely sidetracked by these polka dot Mary Janes:

polka dot mary janes

Which are just all kinds of adorable,aren’t they?

I still haven’t found the ballet flats, but you can buy these here – there aren’t many left, though, so you might want to get a wiggle on, before they go the same way as the ballet flats!


  • Not too keen about the polka dot ones (what a surprise, as they’re pink! I can hardly believe it myself, am I getting ill?), but I loooooove those glitter flats.

  • I love both of them.
    However I’m sure the cherry ones could be easily replicated and even improved on (I’d much prefer them with a leather upper) by any highstreet brand, if only they would come up with such an “extraordinary” idea! I mean it’s pretty obvious a lot of people love cute (red) fruit on their shoes/ clothes/ as accessories (I do!), so why doesn’t everybody make them at least from time to time?

  • I love them both! The first ones because of the cherries, and the second ones because of the shape and the dots.
    I actually saw the 2nd pair today in black, but it was too expensive to buy! They’re even more beautiful in pink though.

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