Red peep toe rose shoes from River Island

Oh, stop it, River Island: you’re killing me here!

(You’re going to be seeing more from them later this week, so apologies for that, but these red peep toes were just WAY too pretty to ignore…)

Click here to buy them.


  • Oh, those are really gourgeos *_*..ok.ok..i’m just buying them…XD

    I need some help ç_ç
    Does anyone know what Dune shoe sizing is like? Im considering buying online and unsure if they are big or small made!
    Thanks a lot!

    • Dune shoes would be average enough…I’m a six there and I’d say I’ve only one pair of heels in 6.5 and one in 5.5 so you shouldn’t get any size abberations. One thing I do find with them is their high stilletos are for me, only car to bar shoes…and I absolutely love high heels, this may be because my feet are old before their time with pretty impressive bunions!

    • Sorry, I completely forgot to answer this! I’ve always found Dune shoes to be true to size – any ones I have or have had have been in my regular size, and I’ve not had any problems. I do agree with Bobby, though – the Olsen pumps I got from their last year are almost impossible to walk in, even for me – I only ever wear them to places like restuarants etc where I know I’ll be able to walk in and sit down right away, and I say this as someone who wears high heels all the time!

  • Ohhhhhhhhh……. if high heels didn’t hurt my feet soo much, and I was actually allowed to wear them, then I would totally have these! Never mind, just looked at the price, I could never afford them.

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